Absolutely Lovely Children #29 — Za Adulto Returns

October 18th, 2008


Sort of.


Well… honestly… I didn’t really like this episode all that much. Minamoto wasn’t really as embarassed by the fake girls as normal since he knew that it was just the perfectly legal Hanai using their forms. On the other hand, he couldn’t stop thinking about them even when he had the delicious nurse draped on his arm. Then of course, he throws away the two nubile ladies on the island to strip down to his shorts and watch little girls bathe. Way to live up to your lolicon reputation, Minamoto.

Really though… he wasn’t frazzled by them, and Hinai wasn’t trying to get to to him in any way, so the fun of the whole adult hallucinations of the past was totally gone. All that was left was a lot of blushing and Minamoto lolicon daydreams. Where’s the fun in that? At least Fujiko was flouncing around being somewhat entertaining, but she used basically the same joke for 15 minutes straight, so even that got old pretty fast. Let’s get back to PANDRA and Mio already here. I want to see Fujiko and Kyosuke have a show down too for that matter.

Brief Summary:

Minamoto’s going away again without the Children so they go absolutely ballistic until Fujiko teleports in and calms them down, promising that she’ll take good care of Minamoto. She drags him off to an island where he meets the nurse, Hanai. The Chief and Oboro attempt to babysit the girls on their own and do a pretty poor job of it.

Back to Minamoto, he’s strapped down and an adult Kaoru comes up to him. She releases him, and he asks Hanai how long this facade is going to continue. She’s still wearing her nurse’s uniform with her name tag. Fujiko comes in to scream at the both of them. Hanai uses her abilities at this hospice to care for the elderly patients, and Fujiko wants to use her to train Minamoto to see the Children as adults because she thinks that’ll be the difference between them growing up as angels or devils. She orders Hanai to become Shiho next, so Hanai transforms and the two go out onto the beach for a walk. Minamoto talks to her as Hanai, so Fujiko whacks him. Hanai-Shiho is good at flirting though, and clings to Minamoto’s arm as the two walk. He’s just thinking about The Children and how this is kind of silly though.

Speaking of the girls, they’re playing with a gator at a zoo.

After Hanai-Shiho and Minamoto’s walk gets interrupted by Fujiko’s narration, Hanai’s called away for a patient on death’s door. She rushes off and transforms into the man’s first love, but he turns out to be okay. Hanai comes out, and transforms into Aoi before breaking down in tears at the man’s situation. Minamoto tries to comfort her, but the Children break in to punish him for flirting with girls. Kaoru hits Fujiko with the gator, which sends her into the old man’s room who asks her if he did a good job acting. Realizing it was all a setup, Minamoto smacks and goes berserk, sending Hanai and Fujiko flying with a gator home-run swing.

Afterwards, he enjoys the beach with the girls. Fujiko stops by and insinuates that that was her plan afterall. Hanai shows up as Kaoru because Fujiko told her to, which makes Kaoru go berserk. After she calms down, Minamoto calls them brats, which triggers another berserker rage.


Mo’ money, mo’ hos, mo’ pimps, mo’ problems.

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  • Nemo_N says:

    Well, I enjoyed this one quite a bit. Poor gator.

    Also, unless they made drastic changes, we should get our dose of Mio next week.

  • selkirk says:

    Next episode should be interesting.
    [spoiler]Boost device![/spoiler]
    Well, not like I watch it anyway.