Beyond the Heavens #01 — Abuse of Speedlines

April 7th, 2009


And abuse of rocket heads.

New Season Disclaimer:

I prefer to give every show a chance. You never know when your dream-eating insect wielding Mai HiME knockoff will turn out to be a psychological romantic thriller, or the strange moeblob show will be full of wit and urine jokes. However, my preferences are still my preferences, and while I’ll endevor to at least convey why I do or do not like things, there are genres of shows that I just plain don’t particularly enjoy. My opinions are based on nothing more than a gut reaction to what I watched literally 10-15 minutes prior and should be construed as nothing more and nothing less than that.


Well, at least it’s a step above most other Ro3K adaptations, but it has many of the same failings. Mostly mediocre production, although there were moments where it looked decent, and the writing is stilted at best. If you’re not already very familiar with the characters and tropes of the story, then you’re going to be completely lost. The writing also hurt the tone of the show quite a bit. I think they were trying to be shocking and gorey, but when heads go rocketing away in a torrent of blood, or Xu Zhu breaks someone’s neck and then their body turns into a spinning top, what are we supposed to think? Those things are shocking, they’re at best strange, at worst silly.

As much as I like the Ro3K story, these adaptations always feel so phoned in, and this was really no exception. The cartoonish ultra-violence really put me off as well, though maybe other people will just get a cheap laugh from them, but all the overbearing historical lessons in lieu of character development or having a story. Meh… pass.

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  • Yue says:

    T~virus in ancient China…

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    rocket head