Hayate the Combat Butler 2 #01 — Maid Max Heart!

April 3rd, 2009


There’s a 67% chance that I would watch that.

New Season Disclaimer:

I prefer to give every show a chance. You never know when your dream-eating insect wielding Mai HiME knockoff will turn out to be a psychological romantic thriller, or the strange moeblob show will be full of wit and urine jokes. However, my preferences are still my preferences, and while I’ll endevor to at least convey why I do or do not like things, there are genres of shows that I just plain don’t particularly enjoy. My opinions are based on nothing more than a gut reaction to what I watched literally 10-15 minutes prior and should be construed as nothing more and nothing less than that.


Sorry for the delay. I’ve had the raw in front of me for awhile (it was put up on Crunchyroll for free this week), but I’ve been a bit distracted by the whole Binghamton thing. I used to live about 30 miles away and still know a lot of people who live nearby. *sigh* Damn it, humanity.

I really have very little to say different from covering the OVA. JCStaff is doing fine, and I don’t think anybody but the most picky will have complaints about them taking over the production (at least thus far.) About 50% of this episode was a reintroduction to the entire bloody cast… all seven hundred some odd characters with the highlight being Maria and Saki as Maid Max Heart. It’s got to be better than Pretty Cure Max Heart. Still, I didn’t last through the first run of it, and I’m not particularly interested in picking it up now, although with Fridays pretty much empty… who knows. On the other hand, Crunchyroll’s airing it with subs, so there’s really no point in me covering it anyway. *shrug*

Honestly, I just wanted to post the ED.

Hayate2 OP

Hayate2 ED


Life after butlerdeath.

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10 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Chen says:

    Hinagiku = love

  • Rawr says:

    Well, I’m not the most picky, but the animation seems to be of a substantially lower quality compared to last season (The faces in general look deformed). I don’t know if it’s a character design issue, or intentional, but it just looks bad especially when compared to last season, or the manga. JC Staff is capable of doing quality animation, but this doesn’t seem to be on of them.

  • Furuba says:

    I think I prefer the previous company’s animation :/ the hair’s more brighter. They’re toned down Hina’s beautiful bright pink hair so much T__T
    OP… it was “okay” prefer maybe KOTOKO ones coz they’re more catchy, love the animation sequence though. ED is WIN! HINAGIKU IS WINNNNNNNN!!!!

  • Mentar says:

    Rawr: I heartily disagree. Compare the art to the SynergySP animation from last season, and I can only say that J.C.Staff is much closer to the manga original.

    I asked 2 friends with the same reaction to just pick any random episode between 40 and 50 and compare the art. The reactions so far have ben “oh… hm”

  • MikeW says:

    The animation quality is fine. It’s drawing style that may be more subjective (personally, I’m starting to prefer it over the first season’s, so I don’t think it’s a matter of one being inherently superior to the other).

  • Hibiki says:

    Saki, Sakuya! What have they done to you ><

  • Ravage says:

    I have to say I prefer Synergy’s character designs and general production quality over J.C. Staff’s for Hayate, but this is still reasonable enough. The character designs here do seem younger/more childish or whatever, but it’s a matter of preference as well as being used to S1’s designs I guess.

    But it seems they’ll focus more on the manga events and character, which is good in itself, though I thought some of the anime original eps of Hayate S1 were among the most entertaining of the show. Still, more focus on the manga means more Hina and Hamster, which is always a good thing.

    And yeah, the ED is Hina Love.

  • Tikoo946 says:

    I’m So Glad Second Season Came Out, The Thing I Noticed Was That Its Not Censored Like 1st Season Which Made This Anime Different From Any Other Anime. I Also Found That They Never Added That Much Parodies As They Did In 1st Season, The Only One I Can Spot Out From This Episode Was The Pretty Cure Max Heart Parody.
    But Other Than The Those 2 Mistakes They Kept Everything Else The Same And I Don’t Mind Their New Animation ^_^
    Shion Kuresato FTW

  • Yue says:

    Mmmmmm… seems like you saw the Gainax collaboration last season. Let’s expect them again. ^_^

  • jeffng9 says:

    hahaha welcome back to the world of Hayate No Gotoku! Can we expect another good run from this series? we shall see! ^^

    I like the remake picture of this series though :