Queen’s Blade #01 — Milk Comes in Bags

April 1st, 2009


Except this isn’t Canada, so we’re using acid.

New Season Disclaimer:

I prefer to give every show a chance. You never know when your dream-eating insect Mai HiME knockoff will turn out to be a psychological romantic thriller, or the strange moeblob show will be full of wit and urine jokes. However, my preferences are still my preferences, and while I’ll endeavor to at least convey what  I do or do not like, there are genres of shows that I just plain don’t particularly enjoy. My opinions are based on nothing more than a gut reaction to what I watched literally 10-15 minutes prior and should be construed as nothing more and nothing less than that.


Well, this was exactly as expected. Just like Ikki Tousen GG, the promo stuff covered about a quarter of the episode and around 75% of the interesting parts. The vast majority of the rest was just the girls wandering around topless in bondage ropes with the camera practically shoved up their asses or down their chests. I’m at least somewhat happy that they went ahead and got rid of Melona in the first episode. The slimebunny girl who shoots acid from her nipples and is voiced by Kugimiya Rie is something that nobody wants to see, unless you have an acid lactation fetish. Then again, it doesn’t bode well for the show when the first enemy is killed by pressure-detonating its breasts by crushing them with more breasts. We’re not even going to talk about Leina wetting herself in fear or Hirano being her usual irritating self.

The production was certainly well enough done, but I’m familiar with Arms modus operandi by this point. For every one great episode, they’ll have about one and a half where the big fight is against sharks or done via slide show. The action was decent enough, but the rest of the episode was rather boring. Outside of the first 3 minutes or so and the final 5, I probably would have been better off taking a nap. Even the action wasn’t really enough worth praising though, especially considering that so much of was stuff we’ve already seen. I did really like the scoring for the episode though. Very nice medieval faire.

So I can’t really say that I enjoyed this or was overly impressed. Like GG, they showed me absolutely nothing new, but didn’t manage to keep my interest through the talky talky story parts either. Drama is a poor substitute for a jealous Kann-u. Next episode looks to have a lot more things that weren’t in the promos, but I really don’t know if I want to bother finding out if it improves. Maybe if I’m in a good mood next week or Basara isn’t nearly as silly, but don’t hold your breath.

No OP this week.



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17 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • manaka_junpei says:

    I wish I could watched them all

  • blackinmind says:

    I have queen blade doujins but isn’t suppose to a chick with glasses (favorite) around there or is she not from queen blade?

  • Irie says:

    Maybe I should watch the show before commenting but this looks like mindless T/A. Can’t wait for some of the better shows to start airing.

    Sorry if I upset any Queens Blade fans out there.

  • sage says:

    I’m at least somewhat happy that they went ahead and got rid of Melona in the first episode.


  • The Jackanape returns says:

    Ahh, been a while since Ive perused the tepid waters of the Seiha blog, and what better review to view than an anime, of my favorite bastardization of high fantasy genre.

    I remember this “RPG supplicant literature” (losts world suppliment) back when it first was just wank material for DnD nerds (I mean no offense with the term nerd, I play rifts and eve online, that puts me somewhere along the lines of chess club dropout and katsu-con I believe) with more “intimate” friends (my old roomie and his equally creepy girlfriend are a par example).

    And clearly out of grim curiosity (and the fact I love train wrecks), I watched. Then I got up after 20 mins, drank two beers, and hung my head in shame, knowing I could have been reading a book instead. So far, it looks like everything Roomie “A”, had ranted about, albeit in a slightly more shameless visual slant than previously described. Ill have to look up the source material a bit more before I continue anymore mud fueled attempts at carpet bombing an animes integrity, but then again, why bother.

    I wont say much else about the quality of the episode, because I believe you got it right. The animation was good in action, there was little signs of “Quality”, but over all, it just looks like another excuse for a hollow cheesecake show, with little soul to show other than the pseudo lesbian “relationships” that are bound to blossom over the course of the season (we could only hope ;P).

    In closing… “whatever happened to practical female armor designs?”.

    ps-How are the reviews going? Any shows of note worth checking out? Ive been reading comics (american and otherwise) for the longest time.


  • Aroduc says:

    Well, only three shows have aired for this season thus far, so *shrug*

  • The Jackanape returns says:

    Well I sort of meant in the last few seasons, but yes, I guess its a little early maybe to call it a fecal tsunami of anime this spring then?

    Anyways, I guess maybe I am asking a bit much. A cohesive plot line with characters that feel less flat than the paper they’re drawn on (although, I will credit a lot of coloring is done digitally these days :P), intertwining relationships that are not simple as “walking knackers quivers for Doormat boy no.443”.

    Hell maybe even a little “Class” when it comes to the mindless TnA that’s abound in so many series (Then again “realism is for chumps” as my lead artist at our company once said). Maybe just saying the word moderation would suffice to get the point across quicker… Nah, I like listening to myself jabber.

    Soooo besides the long winded rant I’ve just unloaded, is there anything from the last few seasons inching anywhere close to what I may have mentioned? Shonen, mecha, drama, action, crazy Japanese folklore hoobalagoo (no offense of course, I find they’re stories a lot more interesting than the Nuckelavee or RedCaps we have over here) Ill take what I can get, comics are nice in all, but a man needs variety.

  • shio says:

    I get that this is a coming of age story for women, but besides a few scenes where Reina got counseled into following her spirit, the episode didn’t seem very inspirational. I was particularly miffed at the climax (haha).

    It seems wise of you to divert your attentions to more enduring properties this season.

  • Furuba says:

    Whoever wins and becomes Queen…. Damn…. kowaii

  • Yue says:

    This is non~work safe. >_<

  • Irie says:

    In all honesty, I don’t generally have a problem with the random T&A series. I enjoyed Sekirei although that had more over-the-top boobage than most. Sakurako had an interesting plot with enough humor to keep things interesting.

    I saw about 10 minutes of this show out of guilt but it pretty much confirmed my original thoughts. It does win on a unique way to shoot acid.

  • shadow says:

    and the combats are goods or are style sekirei ?

  • TJ says:

    Ah, the must-watch show of the season LOL

  • antonio says:

    I to watch the first episode and is other sekirei ( many fanservice and bad fights ), sure all are happy.

  • Anonymous says:

    jewje, gracias

  • grafo says:

    <I love cattleya

  • formerly says:

    Okay seriously, I normally would agree with any and all downing on pointless T&A series, but this is getting ridiculous.

    Why is anybody expecting anything more from this show? Do people do no background at all into what they’re watching?

    Wanting realistic character designs, lack of fanservice, or a deep intricate plot out of this show is like pulling into McDonalds Drive-thru and expecting a five star full course meal.