Tayutama ~Kiss on my Deity~ #01 — Lapdogs

April 5th, 2009


-Bark bark-

New Season Disclaimer:

I prefer to give every show a chance. You never know when your dream-eating insect wielding Mai HiME knockoff will turn out to be a psychological romantic thriller, or the strange moeblob show will be full of wit and urine jokes. However, my preferences are still my preferences, and while I’ll endevor to at least convey why I do or do not like things, there are genres of shows that I just plain don’t particularly enjoy. My opinions are based on nothing more than a gut reaction to what I watched literally 10-15 minutes prior and should be construed as nothing more and nothing less than that.


I was probably more amused by random daddy Wakamoto than I should have been. I just can’t take his voice seriously any more. He reminds me too much of Calculon.

I was very pleasantly surprised by the lack of fanservice in this show. When you’ve got swarms of mischeivous spirits flying in and out of skirts, a little girl god wearing what barely qualifies as a miniskirt leaping around chasing said spirits, plus the dogloli laptoy, the opportunities to make it trashy are more than there, but aside from a couple shots of thigh, it was all innocent enough until one boob shot at the very end. Still, they made it 20 minutes with barely any T&A. That’s worth something.

Unfortunately, the show already has some budget issues. Starting off with violence, seguing into cute girls, and then from there going into cute girls committing acts of violence is always a way to win points in my book, but when the violence is a lot of still, it doesn’t work so well. Loli-Mashiro was also about 18 degrees of irritating, although I rather liked most of the rest of the cast and she was much more standable once she grew up about two minutes later. Although she did morph into lame devoted wife, but that also only lasted about two minutes before she decided that martial arts training was to begin. Jury’s still out on her so far I suppose, but you can’t go wrong with a violent hammer wielding taskmistress with a legion of quasi-demonic spirits. The spirit things are probably my favorite characters on the show so far. It’s hard to beat the first impression of a little bunny sprite roaring like a pissed off cat. I really do like Yuuri too, especially for not getting weird and creepy over his laploli

Assuming the budget doesn’t have too much further to fall, it looks like i could be nice little brainless show to just tune out and watch. There’s enough silliness that I’m not afraid it’ll get bogged down in dumb melodrama. Aside from that though, I think the solid cast of characters is honestly just about the only thing this show has going for it so far, and beginning at below average production makes me nervous. Then again… I do love to see girls wielding weapons three times their size. *sigh*

No OP this wek.


Mashiro and the human world.

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12 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • lelangir says:

    I’m watching this show just for the fanserviceart, I can stomach the ridiculousness…

  • Nazarielle says:

    Haha, when I first heard Wakamoto I couldn’t believe it. Maybe because of all the other crazy/over the top roles he’s had, but I didn’t think he fit the dad’s character at all.

    laploli is win~

  • Aroduc says:

    I don’t think Wakamoto’s suited for any roles aside from comedy anymore. Gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaabora~

  • SpermWhales says:

    wow this show’s character designs remind me of that Goshuushou-sama Ninomiya series…the male lead looks exactly like him lolz

  • P-dash says:

    I disagree, Wakamoto was a good M.Bison in SFIV. He made every “PSYCHO CRUSHAAA!!” epic.

  • Ryan A says:

    Dear lord, Wakamoto’s role is way too comedic from the voice alone. Must be careful not to spit my drink all over the keyboard…

  • Rawr says:

    Yay, a show that isn’t afraid to flaunt its shittiness under the pretense of being QUALITY. Might be like Akikan, in which it was so shitty, criticism was no longer needed to paint it as shit, since it was widely acknowledged to have shit quality through and through.

  • Yue says:

    More Dog~loli for the WIN!

  • meganeshounen says:

    Uh… sorry to dash your hopes, but there’s a chance that melodrama would be present in the latter end of the series. Not that it’s bad.

    Itou Shizuka as tsundere ojou Mifuyu ftw.

  • Irie says:

    My first thought was this looks like Inuyasha with a bit of Kannagi. Looks to be a fun series with some shallow romance and a little harem. With so many serious stories this season, this one is a welcome relief.

  • suguru says:

    I can’t take Wakamoto seriously anymore either, all I hear is Onsokumaru…

  • Damen28 says:

    I love how they named the different schools in this.
    The normal people go to SLIGHTLY while the elite go to FLAWLESS. That just makes me chuckle.