When the Seagulls Cry #01 — Morse Code

July 1st, 2009



New Season Disclaimer:

I try to watch at least the first episode of every new show in a season. However, do not expect anything I say to be fair or balanced. I value my own entertainment above all else and there are some genres or methods of presentation that I just plain do not like and I’m not going to pretend otherwise. I’ll attempt to at least make a cursory explaination of what did and did not please me about each show, but it’s just a simple fact of life that my tastes are mine alone. Feel free to express your own opinions in the comments, just keep it under control. This is just television after all.


Let us begin by remembering that if Deen did a perfectly accurate adaptation of this show, the first month or so would be painfully boring. If Deen did their usual job at making shows, it’d be boring and ugly. Imagine my surprise then, when this episode just turned out to be… well… only moderately boring punctuated with some hilarious censorship reducing about five seconds to nothing but a serious of bleeps. Well, and my growing urge to throw Maria into a fire. Thank god Rosa slapped the crap out of her, although that just made the Uu Uuing even worse. Good lord, I realize that you’re supposed to be trying to be irritating, Horie, but put a goddamned sock in it. It was making my brain itch.

Granted, after completely half quarter-assing the lion’s share of Higurashi Rei, my expectations for Deen here are rather low. I’m still not totally convinced that it looks good either, as they seem to have found their image editor’s ‘glare’ button and went to town. Or maybe the Ushiromiyas all secrete a thin layer of oil that makes them extra shiny… and probably a lot of fun on water beds. I think Deen realized that this part was a bit boring too and tried to liven it up by highlighting the balconies of every single female. Oftentimes, it looks like someone put a pair of buoys in a dress and then stuck a women inside of it to make the damn thing mobile… and then bleeped it when it talked. 1986 bras were apparently amazing.

I’m really not entirely certain what anybody expected to hear though. If you’re familiar with the VNs, then you know that it’s going to be at least a month before the story actually kicks in, and meanwhile, Deen seems to be content to play up the boobs. At least for the outright weakest portion of the story to date, it’s still very much watchable, so I think most people will be pleased since it’s got absolutely nowhere to go but up and even if the most entertaining parts of the episode were the runaway censoring and well-deserved child abuse, it wasn’t the most boring show I’ve watched today so far though, which I guess is all that really counts.

Umineko OP

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17 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • sage says:

    At fucking last, BIG BREASTED MEIDO KUGYUU. All’s right with the world.

    I can’t believe I liked this episode. It was probably because we were making fun of it together, Aroduc.

    ps. I predict that the next episode finishes with the first twilight. I’m crossing my fingers so that DEEN uses goldenslaughterer. If they don’t, I’m dropping the show.

  • sage says:

    It’s being aired at 1:30 AM, dammit!

  • Sterling01 says:

    @sage: They didn’t use goldenslaughterer for the Drama CD so I wouldn’t count on it. Though on the other hand zts is listed in the credits

    And the bleeps are because you can’t say 下女 or 端女郎 on Chiba TV

  • Aroduc says:

    Really protective of women, I guess? Oh well, it’s not really any stranger than the crazy visual censoring that stations do for other stuff, lest we forget stuff like 80% of the screen being blacked out because there’s a shotgun in the scene… or Ga-Rei’s genius level censoring.

  • The Phantom says:

    With all those stupid schoolgirls/lesbians/mermaids/girls playing baseball/magic girls etc etc etc shows that sadly infested the whole season umineko is almost like a breath of fresh air.

    I just hope that this series is filled with the violence gore and blood that this season (and myself) needs so desperately.

    I think I wont declare this show the best of the season until some yandere brutally slaughter somebody ^o^, but until then I will surely enjoy it as much as I can ^__^.

  • Anonymous says:

    At this pace, the next episode will probably end just after the first twilight.

    I’m glad too, the start of episode 1 is dull.

  • Anon says:

    Wow. Geez. They completely rushed through this part. I wanted to see the complete scene when Shannon knocked on the kids’ door. Also, blah. Most of the voice actors didn’t click. Rosa’s, for instance. Shannon’s too. I could go on and on about this, but I won’t. Too much work. Hopefully the other arcs will be more detailed.

  • TJ says:

    Uuu Uuu Uuu Uuu!!! Somebody needs to put tape over Maria’s mouth.

  • whitezero says:

    i feel like the showed too much in one episode. And there was no need to put beatrice in this episode. That just ruined the mysterie when Maria tells to everyone who gave her the umbrella.

  • Westlo says:

    “@sage: They didn’t use goldenslaughterer for the Drama CD so I wouldn’t count on it.”

    Well goldenslaughter would tend to overpower the voices which would ruin the scene since it’s just a drama cd… also the drama cd had a lot of Dai’s music from the game, which is absent here, while we got 2 zts tracks in their original form..

  • Irie says:

    Looks like an interesting show. It’s a nice change of pace from this seasons odd comedies. The episode did seem a bit slow but I’ll take that over another super hyper magical girl show.

  • MADAO says:

    Hell yeah, this automatically became one of my fav shows for this season right after that damn UUUU brat got bitch slapped right IN HER FACE !!! LOL . Thank God, cuz if she doesn’t get slapped, my monitor will so thank you, producers.

  • Tyler says:

    I cheered when Maria got slapped.

  • Lero says:

    You know Maria “best mom ever”
    Ono Daisuke chichi omaseraaaaa is WIN XD.