Comiket 76 Preview Addendum: Touhou Edition

August 11th, 2009


Fettgans at Doujinsuki over in Franceland apparently more patience or drive than I do and has been compiling a preview list of ]the upcoming games at Comiket as well. Of note is his list of the Touhou themed ones that I didn’t find wading through 50 pages of random other Touhou stuff to track down.

List reproduced after the cut.

Touhou Seicross
Seicross clone. Creative name, I know. Reimu’s got quite the can on the title art though.

Baku Touhou Gensousato -Explode on Sound-

Bomberman clone.


Kind of reminds me of Pocky and Rocky I guess.

Cirno Racing

Mario Kart Clone.

Gensokyo Dokasuka Wars
Some kind of really ugly 3D tournament fighter, probably pretty similar to Daybreak.

Gyakuten Touhou 2
Phoenix Wright clone. Another.

Age of Ethanols

RTS apparently? Who knows.

Master Burner Climax

Sequel to the old Master Burner with much much improved graphics.

Mystic Chain
Trial (Patch)

Based around the IaMP/SWR puzzle solving boss spellcards system.

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6 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • DK says:

    I think Age of Ethanols is based on Populous.

  • Fettgans says:

    There wasn’t any Age of Ethanols screenshot on the website of NEETPIA when I checked it. It seems the game will be based on Age of Empires II rather than on Age of Empires I, which is a shame IMO… BTW, the circles will only sell trial versions for Cirno Racing, Master Burner Climax and Age of Ethanols so we shouldn’t too much from those promising games right now.

  • Wererat42 says:

    Looking forward to Mystical Chain being the best Touhou fan-game. Being caught in the middle of a fight between Mokou and Kaguya was hands down the most awesome Touhou experience.

    Touhou Castlevania also looks good.

  • “Age of Ethanols” is an awesomely stupid name.

  • sami11190 says:

    good news all scarlet weather rhapsody english patch is here

  • Captain Onion says:

    Cirno Racing is FAKE. I can’t understand why people think it exists. The touhou-cart images are artwork from another site and most of the artwork on the page is photoshopped. DO NOT DOWNLOAD ANY TORRENTS WITH THE NAME “CIRNO RACING,” you will end up downloading an archive full of something else.