Comiket 76 — Touhou Hisoutensoku Impressions

August 15th, 2009

Let the catfish reign.

Well, I guess let’s start with the good. I like the new spellcard system where you break the attacks in progress and then get about 5 seconds to lay down some real hurt on the enemy. Plus five new characters (Sanae, Cirno, China, Suwako, and Utsuho) to add in some more variety, although after being forced to play through Sanae’s story mode once, I’d be happy if I never touched her again in my life. So here’s the bad. It’s still Scarlet Weather Rhapsody. I still have the same issues with the janky controls, the same problems with the iffy hit detection (even worse with "my hit box is bigger than my sprite" Cirno) and made worse by OtGing during spellcard breaks, and the same general "shoot lasers; win" AI balance issues that prevent the story mode from being even potentially difficult. I also wish that they could have used a bit more creativity with the player spellcards. It seems like every single spellcard for the new characters is just a larger or longer version of one of their normal attacks. Oh yes, and the weather mechanic is still awful.

As for thoughts on the characters, the less said about Sanae, the better. She’s slow, most of her projectiles have a big delay, and while they do a good job cancelling other projectiles, they take so long that you need to have yours out before the enemy puts theirs out. God help you if they just graze, or attack first. China plays like… well… China. She’s actually kind of interesting because her basic AAAA has different properties than everybody elses’ and can be almost seemlessly done low as well, which is pretty huge for corner pressure, although still poor for damage. At least she finally has a real projectile (6C). Cirno, strangely enough, plays a fair bit like Patchouli, although much much slower and much more focused on direct projectiles. She’s very floaty and pretty useless if the opponent is in your face, but some nice midrange stuff. Utsuho is a beast through and through. She has some control issues in that her dash and jump are about twice as large as some other characters, and she’s pretty slow, but the giant lasers and screen covering specials more than make up for that. Suwako requires unlocking, so… maybe in a week or so I’ll work up the motivation to get around to her. Maybe not. I’m not really sure I could survive playing through story mode as China and Cirno, even with a giant catfish to fight.

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  • Link says:

    Uh, you unlock both Suwako and Utsuho after one playthrough with Sanae.

    Aroduc says:

    Utsuho’s unlocked from the start, and I’ve got Sanae cleared, but Suwako’s not unlocked… huh. Maybe you need a specific card or number of cards or something.

    SZ says:

    Did you pummel Suwako to death on her last card?

  • Joule says:

    So was the China vs Whale a joke? Because that would of been amazing.

  • Anonymous says:

    >>So was the China vs Whale a joke? Because that would of been amazing.

    It’s a giant catfish.

  • hotlolisex says:

    To be honest I’ve never even played single player mode on a Touhou fighter.

    I just get a completed save file since all I’m going to do is play VS with my mates.

    Never understood the need for single player in fighting games, but I guess that opinion was formed by years of bad AI and being forced to use irritating characters like in this..

  • Anonym says:

    I just finished arcade mode once, then I got Suwako on versus mode. Also China and Okuu… :|
    Maybe you’ll get her once you fight her in arcade mode?

  • thatguy says:

    Cirno’s theme is incredibly AWESOME in this. I had no idea how good Touhou sounds in jazz form.

  • Anonymous says:

    First of all, I’m sorry to say this, but you suck at this game. The point in having a large variety of attacks is that when overused the AI gets better at avioding skills premptively. This explains why China’s AAAA although one of the more solid of the direct physical attacks doesn’t hold up to Sanae on normal sans update mods. Each character has the following moves:

    A combo – (the length varies from 3-5 usually)
    Range A – A button with no direction
    Down A – usually a short range 2 combo
    Down forward A – varies from Remilia’s crimson flame to Komachi’s wide scythe swing
    4 areal A attacks (down, up, forward, and no direction)
    Note: some of the down A areal attacks (Okuu’s and Marisa’s) can fire projectile blasts if charged.
    Running X (the key for 1st projectile, consider it B1 if you want). A charge style attack aimed low.
    Running C (B2) – A completely different charge attack aimed high.
    X forward
    X up
    X down

    C forward (sometimes backward)
    C down

    up, downforward, forward, C/X (sometimes choice between C and X makes a slight difference). This can be one of 3 different interchangable upgradable attacks that can be set on your profile.
    Forward, down, downforward, C/X. 3 different attacks like the last.
    Down, backwards down, Backward, C/X. Dido
    Down down C/X OR Backward, down, backwars down, C/X. like the last.

    Thats a lot of moves my friend, and I hate to break it to you but the unlockable spells are unbeleivable. Yukari can open a portal leading a subway train on the field that does at least half hp damage. Reimu’s highest level spell summons 8 spheres, they float around her and if she scores a succesful physical strike one of them glows blue. Its strength varies depending on how many spheres you activate, but if you can get a good 4 hits in before 10 seconds are up Reimu can send a near endless barrage of projetiles in a pattern covering the entire field that is essentially garunteed to KO. Suika turns giant and gets a godzilla style moveset (complete with shockwave smash attack thing).

    oh and the catfish? you get a special card when you beat him that briefly summons him to the field and smashes anything below him. Oh and Yuyukou has Flawless Recollection, nuf said.

  • Hauptmann says:

    I don’t think this go against the guideline of don’t ask for games but um how does one get these games? aren’t they specifically japanese release only games?
    I like the characters and i really like to give these games a try…sorry if i broke a rule or something