InuYasha #168 — OH EMM GEE!

October 3rd, 2009


That’s right, I’m reminding you how many episodes of this there are.

Season Premier Disclaimer:

I like to check almost every new show out. The value of a show is in its execution, not its premise. That said, my tastes are mine and mine alone. Some things bother me, some things don’t. I will attempt to be as cogent as possible as to my complaints or compliments for each show, but be aware that my views skew heavily towards the center. Nothing is perfect, nothing is irredeemable. That said, my tastes and my opinions are mine and mine alone and should not be construed as fact or, god help us, some kind of erudite critical analysis of the entire series based on the show’s first 20 minutes. Feel free to leave your own thoughts on the show if you’d like, but invective and similar will be mocked or deleted depending on which amuses me more at the time.


OMFG, I love Inuyasha!!! Inuyasha  Is soooooooooooooo hot. I would totally bang him if I were Kagome. I would go to the feudal era and jump on him so fast he won’t know whats coming. It’s one of the best manga and anime ever!!! And he’s so hot… Ah, I wish he was real! And mine. He’s on my school bag. And Miroku is way hot. I love him and Kagome! They’re, like, my ultimate favorite couple!!!  I LOVE THEM!!! I can’t even put it in WORDS!! Did you know the inu in inuyasha means dog? HOW CLEVER IS THAT?! Sesshomaru Is the Hottest!!

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What were you expecting? It’s still InuYasha and other than a little handwaving, a direct continuation of the previous series. They even use much of the same music, they’re trying to match the older art style, and the fights are still all of the "someone swings their sword/fan/boomerang and the enemy either dodges or says ‘haha, that won’t finish me,’" variety. Certainly well enough animated, but not exactly interesting. The episode did move at a breakneck pace. Granted, I haven’t actually read the source (but am aware of most of what happens because I absorb information directly from the internet), but they pretty quickly just dumped characters into fights against major enemies and then immediately leapt right into the next one without stopping.

There are some other minor updates here and there… like CG BEES! And more sparkly effects on attacks and the like, but Sunrise has always been pretty good at it, so it looked perfectly fine. I think that after one hundred and sixty seven episodes, you can be a big boy or girl and determine if you want to follow this on your own. If you haven’t watched the previous one hundred and sixty seven episodes, this episode will definitely not catch you up or serve as any kind of recap for you.

And yet, the only other show on Saturdays this season is Letter BEEEEEES. Man… what am I going to do with Saturdays… I wouldn’t mind this if it was back on my old viewing schedule, which is to say, something to keep me awake at 2:30 am while I was working on hyperplanar geometry, but nowadays? Eh…

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  • Yumeka says:

    Cool, thanks for the OP video. It’s still hard to find right now but that will change soon. Nice screencaps too =)

  • sage says:

    OMFG, I love Inuyasha!!! Inuyasha Is soooooooooooooo hot. I would totally bang him if I were Kagome[…]

    Oh you!

  • That guy says:

    Fangirl Aroduc made me lol.

  • Anonymous says:

    Looking forward to your season covering of Inu Yasha

  • jpmeyer says:


  • Bwahahahahaha xD I love that “fangurling”! Made me ROTFL a lot xD Hahahaha!

  • Bass GS says:

    All I can say is finally, it’s about time they picked up where the left off.

  • Hinano says:

    Man… what am I going to do with Saturdays…

    Go outside

  • Yue says:

    Arudoc played it safe [funny] and is wary of the inumerous fangirls and fanboys that might besiege his blogsite.

    Never knew [bestuff] has that much flamebait.

  • Sterling01 says:

    So is Kikyo dead or alive?

  • lubczyk says:

    Do people really care how this ends? Seriously, I dropped the show after episode 124 and never looked back. It’s like caring how Pokemon, One Piece, Naruto and Bleach end. You just don’t.

  • The Phantom says:

    Let me guess they are still trying to beat naraku, and they are still tracking the parts of the pearl, and kikyo is still around and the monk still has that black hole thing on his hand… is there no fucking sense of change in this anime? 100 episodes after and they are still doing the same shit over and over. I just hope that at least they finish it for good this time, no more retarded seasons of this lame excuse of an anime ever again =X

  • iCafesuu says:

    “Liek OH EM GEE Inuyasha is like the best animu EVAAAA LIKE SRSLY TO THE MAX!!!!11oneone”

    i fail fangirl

    Inuyasha brings back memories man. I’m following it o3o