Kämpfer #01 — Grrrl Power

October 1st, 2009


Silly transgendered magical weirdos.

Season Premier Disclaimer:

I like to check almost every new show out. The value of a show is in its execution, not its premise. That said, my tastes are mine and mine alone. Some things bother me, some things don’t. I will attempt to be as cogent as possible with my complaints and praise for each show, but my views skew heavily towards the center. Nothing is perfect. That said, my tastes and my opinions are mine and mine alone and should not be construed as fact or, god help us, some kind of comprehensive critical analysis of the entire series based on the show’s first 20 minutes. Feel free to leave your own thoughts on the show if you’d like, but invective and similar will be mocked or deleted depending on which amuses me more at the time.

Ha ha! Thank you for showing up within the first hour of my 2.5 hour on campus break. Now I’m watching transgender girl fighting anime in a grad lounge while having a poptart for lunch. This is hardcore. I don’t have the time to get to Nyankoi! before classes though, so tough luck.


Very nice first episode for the most part. While it’s certainly not the best action I’ve seen, there was at least a lot of it and none of it resorted to stills, speedlines, or other particularly cheap tricks. Nomad also continues to show their chops with music. For all their other sins, I still really like their preference for jazzy mood music. Horie Yui also did a very good job as Akane, with both her crazy killer Kampfer mode and her crappy Noto lame personality. She probably took up about half the dialogue in the episode too, which is always a good thing as far as I’m concerned.

Now for the bad. The exposition this episode was… a tad oppressive and the second half was not terribly interesting. If people weren’t running around shooting guns, they were standing around explaining why they were shooting their guns. The humor was also… not particularly good. The cast is also pretty bland thus far and while I’m happy that Natsuru is immediately willing to resort to throwing fireballs at girls and tackle them for whatever reason, he’s still rather milquetoast and has a long way to go to stop sucking. The fanservice was there too, but nothing particularly noteworthy.

So a pretty strong start I thought. The action was certaily well above average, and Nomad’s always good for music. Of course, this is just the first of about 4 more Thursday action shows this season, so I’m not making any promises.


Bang bang.

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18 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Mentar says:

    Surprising, I had expected you to tear into Kämpfer fairly badly, based on your tastes ;)

    I assume you don’t know the novels/manga? Don’t expect much exposition here – the show is based around the concept of strong-minded and (at least in their Kämpfer forms) very aggressive girls who take a liking to Natsuru either in male or female form and pursue him with a mentality best described as “don’t take no for an answer” and “take no prisoners”.

    After the next episode you should have an idea how this will play out ;)

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  • Anonymous says:

    I wonder if the fact that the premise of guys turning into girls is quite amusing to me should make me worry…

  • redlupine says:

    why are there mutilated stuffed animals?
    I feel that’s something that should’ve been discussed

  • Yue says:

    In the realm of [tenka seiha], Arudoc is God. We are here for his amusement. ^_^

    On topic: All females in this show are males with transforming powers, aren’t they? Lol.

  • Hinano says:

    so I didn’t watch this show because of lesbian vibes, but now that I look @ your screencaps is this like uh….Maze?

    • Aroduc says:

      I haven’t watched Maze so I have no idea. The guy’s got a crush on the long haired ditz, who has a crush on the guy’s female form. And Horie Yui’s the guy’s partner in learning how to be a girl.

  • Lero says:

    OMG is a trap! run away!!
    It was a pretty decent 1st episdode.

  • jeffng9 says:

    yeah i caught me by surprise as well

  • James says:

    I’d love to see a storyline like this play out in a more realistic way, or at least have a lead character that has more cohones.

    “You’ve been chosen to fight and bla bla bla.”

    “I respectfully decline.”

    “You can’t decline ..”

    “I just did. No, thank you.”

    “Well, you have to fight, and there’s no way …”

    “If you don’t stop harassing me, I will go to the police. As weird as this may be, I’ll come up with a version of it that’s believable and that puts a spotlight on what you’re doing. This is not a debate. I said no. The discussion is closed. Go away and don’t come back.”

    But no, they always somehow allow themselves to be sucked in to whatever as if they have no choice. :) Heck, I’d use a can of hairspray and a lighter on that stuffed animal!

  • Sadinotna says:

    The directors seem to follow the Nolan school of “do a billion cut shots and jitter-cams to make sure no one figures out how much our fight scenes actually suck.” Anything I could make sense of was painfully generic.

    The fanservice nearly put me to sleep. Anyone that is looking to use sex in anime better keep in mind that Queen’s Blade already exists. Top it or just don’t do fanservice. There’s no point otherwise.

    Either way, it was just too boring to continue watching. I’ve seen AMVs with more thought put into them.

  • Irie says:

    Decent pace without any episodic exposition. The manga is pretty good as well but it’s too early to know if it’s going to become a fighting show, harem or romantic comedy. They may surprise us and balance all of those aspects.

  • antonio says:

    wait a minute , a boy turning intoa girl ? but it “girl ”
    is other personality ? ( the boy no remember nothing )
    or is only a girl with girl’s body

  • The Phantom says:

    Big meh, a guy that becomes a girl? where have I heard that before, everything in this anime is garbage, the lesbians undertones are also disturbing enough.