Miracle☆Train #01 — SHINJUKU IS MY BISHI!

October 4th, 2009


Back off!

Season Premier Disclaimer:

I like to check almost every new show out. The value of a show is in its execution, not its premise. That said, my tastes are mine and mine alone. Some things bother me, some things don’t. I will attempt to be as cogent as possible as to my complaints or compliments for each show, but be aware that my views skew heavily towards the center. Nothing is perfect, nothing is irredeemable. That said, my tastes and my opinions are mine and mine alone and should not be construed as fact or, god help us, some kind of erudite critical analysis of the entire series based on the show’s first 20 minutes. Feel free to leave your own thoughts on the show if you’d like, but invective and similar will be mocked or deleted depending on which amuses me more at the time.


You know, I really don’t mind watching the premier episodes for shows like this, but for all the wrong reasons. A girl stumbles into an empty train, is ambushed by a bunch of strange men (one in a mask) saying that they’ll take good care of her, and she just smiles and thinks to herself "what nice and pretty men that have suddenly ambushed me. They must be surrounding me in order to help find my dog." Now that’s comedy. Unfortunately, I stopped being able to laugh at the show about ten minutes in and then the tediousness of magical boys looking for a lost dog, who is this girl’s only friend ever, began to set in. Now, if one of them had a monocle… that’d have probably won them at least another minute or two of amusement.

Production was as characteristically mediocere to poor as one would expect, but at least it’s marginally educational if nothing else. Various facts about the trains pop up whenever they find some terrible way to shoehorn them into what’s going on. A little bit of train bumpiness? Here’s why! Outside of that though, unless you’re eagerly straining at the yoke for the next magical boy show, there’s not much to recommend this one. It’s not really built as a comedy, nor as much of a drama either. Just episodic "pretty boys trains solve the problem of the week." I’m not even sure if the girl is a recurring character.

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10 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • GF202020 says:

    Nice Train.

  • Dana says:

    The only reason I might watch is because their aren’t enough pretty boy shows on.

  • Hinano says:

    holy shit I want to watch where is the raw!! xD

  • Anonymous says:

    Shouldn’t the correct name be “Pretty Train Stations”?

  • The Phantom says:

    Seems like this show is aimed to girls or gays, I’m neither so I will just skip this one.

  • Yue says:


  • Di Gi Kazune says:

    It looks like something out of those otome games hinano plays.

  • Solaris says:

    Nice, g@y trainz. After all. given a train phallic form, it couldn’t have been umanized in anything different than those bishies… Ugh… i think i’ll stay away from this.

  • ubu roi says:

    Thank you for taking the hit on this one, so we didn’t have to.

  • Honoo says:

    I see fujoshis flocking like bees to flowers from a hundred miles away when I saw this title. Now where do I press to shoot an AMRAAM…