KIDDY GiRL-AND #04 — The Illicit Love of Little Girls

November 5th, 2009


Why are artificial humans always seven years old?


As has been the case with most of these episodes, this one went in a couple strange directions, which makes me wonder just exactly how much tequila the director has before he sits down to get the storyboards in order. The girls getting bumped up to bodyguard some little girl… fine, Q-Feuille Qeuille randomly revealing that she’s seven years old… a little strange. Taking a tour through the facility and seeing all the men looking at porn, a little weird. The naked men posing… very bizarre. Insert song about smiles and sunshine, also a bit suspicious. Loli sleeping through explosions, then waking up and sticking her tongue down Ascoeur’s throat… well, once again we’re somewhere down the rabbit hole.

Not all that bad of an episode though, but I can’t help but be a little annoyed with how poorly this used its music, especially after Kampfer did so well earlier. I don’t really care much for Rubis Cheetara, but Saphir’s all right. It wasn’t really explained what they were doing (aside from going after Ascoeur and Qeuille), or what the deal was with Lia (Dia? Enunciate, dammit) and her magic kissing, but as with the first episode, they did a decent enough job with the action. I really hope that Q has something more up her sleeves than throwing minibombs, and I’m also wondering just exactly how a lightsaber breaks, but those are questions best saved for Star Wars conventions and internet forums.

Brief Summary:

Q-feulle and Ascoeur get bumped up to ES members and given the mission of bodyguarding the sheltered little girl Lia. After wandering around and finding lots of naked men or men looking at naked women, then go outside to enjoy the sun. They’re attacked by a pair of women, but the two aren’t after Lia. Ascouer can’t shift far/fast enough to get away from Rubis, and let’s face it, Q’s offense kind of sucks. Lia eventually wakes up from her nap and kisses Ascoeur, powering her up greatly. Ascoeur manages to break Rubis’ nail-sword, but the two retreat when the authorities finally get there. Then just a little wrapup with the chief while ES Member Lia naps.



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6 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • “Why are artificial humans always seven years old?”

    It’s a partial solution to the problem of the “uncanny valley”. That’s why Kotoko-1 (and Kotoko-2) in Divergence Eve look like lolis. And it’s why Professor Sagami designed Trincia to look like a loli.

    Girls are cute and unthreatening, and that offsets the inherent fear induced by artificial humans.

  • …and yes, I am a geek.

  • Lero says:

    Next chapter.. triller??’ XD

  • Solaris says:

    webmaster said:> Why are artificial humans always seven years old?
    It’s the miracle of miniaturization!!

  • Shiroi Hane says:

    I’m assuming that Q-feuille was lying about her age – what girl doesn’t?

  • Silver says:

    @ Shiroi Hane
    I think you remember how Lumier is “different” too. She’s around 12 but not really. Somehow perhaps Q-feulle is similar except instead of Lumier who is old but in a child’s body, Q-feulle is young but in an adult body. There’s some similarities between Ascour and Q-feulle to Eclair and Lumier.

    Or…. Q-feulle is probably a Replica just like Luke von Fabre. Lol.