KIDDY GiRL-AND #05 — Strange Directions

November 12th, 2009


Be glad I didn’t go with "Making Seven Year Olds Scream."


Okay, so this episode didn’t really go in a strange direction, just the direction was strange. Ha HA! Wordplay…

Anyway, the horror homage segment in the abandoned GOTT building was pretty much exactly as you’d expect, albeit filled with a lot more shrieking Q-Feuille Qeuille than it really needed to have. Man, she was irritating. They also added quite a bit of gratuitous bounce for a seven year old to have. It really did drag on quite a bit longer than it should have. The second part didn’t really fare too much better at the start either. I’d equate it to a handjob under the table for the old series as Queille went on about how awesome all the previous ES people were. I’m suspicious of them specifically pointing out Alv and really hope they don’t bring her back to life just to be an antagonist again.

The fight against the nanomachine gene-tec (however you want to spell that) beast was easily the highlight and there was a distinct difference in the style of the action scene that I like much more than what they’ve been using. It’s a lot faster (even overanimated in parts) and more zoomed out to show the entire field instead of just Ascouer teleporting around. Dia’s powerkiss still annoys me, and she seems willing and able to kiss everything, but as least Qeulle gave Ascouer the evil eye for not figuring it out immediately. If only she hadn’t been irritating as all hell for the first half of the episode. Unfortunately, now it’s Dia’s purse. Maybe it’ll make her finally useful in a fight… or at least smack her every time she irritatingly repeats the last syllable of a sentence like she’s contributing. Still betting than ‘uuu’ing, but not much.

I’m also pretty sure that the gene-tec beast is voiced by Wakamoto, but since it has yet to say anything other than "myuun" it’s hard to tell. Just what we’d need, Wakamoto as "the purse."

And no, the Konami code is never the right answer, Ascoeur. How do you even know it?


Delicious, delicious glasses.

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4 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Shiroi Hane says:

    Norio Wakamoto is on the credits as “Tama” – the only extra this episode apart from Alv and Dvergr.
    One of the manga chapter from the first series was “Genetech Figure” so that’s the spelling I’ve been using.
    Was that the Konami code? I knew it must be something like that but when I looked it up (AFAIK I’ve never had a gamae that used it) it didn’t seem to match.

    Aroduc says:

    It wasn’t the actual Konami code, just a parody. The “left, left, right, right, b, a, start” are the distinctive portions, but other stuff was sort of shuffled around or made up.

  • Rewriter says:

    Can’t unsee phallic bomb smoke clouds.

    The fight was really good though.

  • Ender says:

    The (very recognizable) Konami code reference for the win.

    Although a horrific 4th wall break, Kiddy * isn’t unknown for those and I could not stop laughing.