KIDDY GiRL-AND #07 — Teaching Robots Strange Things

November 26th, 2009


Amazingly, that may have been the highlight of this week.


Somehow this actually ended up being a really boring and lame episode. It was helped on its way there by poor animation, a lack of any actual action, and some really lame drama that really went nowhere. Good work, Ascouer, you teleported through some doors. This is only the fifteenth time we’ve seen you do something like that, but this time… it’s dramatic. Ascouer’s attempted attack on Shade was particularly embarrassing, especially given how good the animation in this show usually is. The ship battles were… eh… if you’ve seen one, you’ve seen them all. Nothing new or interesting there in the slightest. Q’s precog was also tweaked a little bit towards the end, but it’s not like she actually did anything aside from getting carted around by the Trixie.

Torch and Shade barely managed to be menacing at all either. I’m sure they have more powers than just acting as remote controls for other ships and teleporting around, but they didn’t show any here. Meanwhile, Trixie and Troyes didn’t even try to attack either one of them. They were content to just beat up some doors instead.  


Costume party.

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6 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • spike says:

    aw come on, you cant tell me you didn’t enjoy this episode at all. to me this episode just took “kiddy girl-and” into a whole new level of coolness ^____^.you call your self an anime fan?.

  • moritheil says:

    On some level, I keep wondering how much this show is just trying to tap into nostalgia for the original Kiddy Grade. To me it feels more enjoyable because it’s a familiar setting than awesome on its own merit.

  • cutemi2 says:

    the Return of Lamuse & Dexter, the Guardian Robot of Eclair & Lumiere, I’ve missed them so much.

    Shiroi Hane says:

    The ship is Rafale, not La-muse (although it is the same colour as La-muse Urania and has a similar design) and the guard robot is Triumph, not Donnerschlag (and is a much squarer design).

  • Rewriter says:

    Tron and Trixie are actually Lumiere and Eclair.
    Or clones of them.

  • Piotrus says:

    Well, the episode wasn’t stellar, but hey, at least it had some semblance of plot and action – probably the best out of the first seven episodes…