KIDDY GiRL-AND #10 — Megaman XI

December 17th, 2009


Actually, I haven’t played any Megaman for months.


As pretty much expected, a very angst filled episode with Ascouer and Q stepping into Trixie and TJ’s roles, albeit rather more literally than I expected since they both seem to have inherited their seniors’ powers. I can’t wait to hear what kind of crazy voodoo science fiction explaination is at work there, although it would be kind of interesting if Ascouer and Q’s real powers were some kind of descendant of Alv and Dvergr and they absorbed them upon death. Or maybe I’ve been playing too much Megaman lately. All I know is that TJ’s Timestop probably works wonders against Quickman.

Outside from that, there’s little to talk about this week. Lots of moping around until they come together to save Dia from the trouble she got herself into with some very random G-Society remnants lurking about. Yes, yes, protect the future, inherit their wills, lesson learned from the little girl, got it. Don’t care. We have to go defeat Dr. Wily. Tama was unexpectedly weak this time for some reason. He couldn’t even stand up against a single lightning snake in his awful little Pokemon battle. The joy of plot-based patheticness I suppose. Hopefully it’s the last of the angst at any rate. Or at least, next week, we appear to be moving on to maid seduction, which sadly, is at least an improvement.


Sexually harassing the domestics.

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  • spikey121212 says:

    from what i can see, tama was only strong last time because of the nano in the gott he was absorbing?.