KIDDY GiRL-AND #12 — Recycled Voices

December 31st, 2009


Can’t you keep your legs shut, Eclair?


Another fairly dull episode, this time extremely heavy on the exposition with almost all of the episode spent in either flashbacks or verbally fellating Eclair and Lumiere. We got a little more background on the Doomed Planet of Being Doomed and have learned that the entire thing went wrong in any number of ways, so of course Cocktail Tuxedo Mask is interested in it, but outside from that, there really wasn’t a whole ton that wasn’t already pretty obvious from the brief bit in episode one. What do you want from me? I made the mistake of trying to watch this 5 minutes after waking up and all the technobabble nearly put me under again. Yes, yes, high-G, experimental, DOOMED, etc.

It was more than a tad disconcerting to have a scene where Wakamoto was talking to himself too, and not just for the budgeting constraints that heralds. You really couldn’t spring for an extra VA for some bit part? The thought of two Wakamotos makes my skin crawl. Eclair also needs to stop leaving kids all over the bloody galaxy. They either turn out to be megalomaniacs or Wakamoto. That’s a poor track record at best. At least it provided a brief moment of entertainment in what was otherwise 22 straight minutes of a history lesson from the show.


Girls… and robots… in swimsuits.

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6 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Shiroi Hane says:

    I’ve not seen the episode yet, but from the screenshots it looks like Wakamoto is reprising his role from the original series as Chevalier so if that’s what you mean by the “bit part”, then it isn’t.

    Aroduc says:

    Well, I don’t expect him to ever show up in this series again, so I’ll stick to that classification.

  • Silver says:

    Hmm… so is that Chevelier? I’m a bit confuse since shouldn’t he be dead like over 50 years ago?

    Anyway, about Eclair, she tends to adopt many children so I’m pretty darn sure she did not really gave birth to that many children. Even Chevalier was someone she “adopted” and took care of.

    Shiroi Hane says:

    The book Kiddy Grade Conclusion confirmed that the baby in the last episode of Kiddy Grade was a reincarnated Chevalier.

    SOSAnimeBoy says:

    I seem to remember something being mentioned in Kiddy Grade about Eclair not being able to carry a child because of all the body changing she has to do as part of her job. That’s why she had to adopt.