Hidamari Sketch ×☆☆☆ #10 — Den of Lesbian Iniquity

March 11th, 2010


Yuno, you slut.


What? She flushes her key down the toilet and then spends most of the next week as a hobo, wandering from room to room, trading sex for lodging? Aren’t there things she needs in her room? And nobody thought of (or could smell) the spoiling food? Also, I may have made up the part about trading sex, although one does have to wonder about Yuno’s promiscuity when she’s this eager to leap into bed and then stare into other people’s faces a few inches away. Also, her door opens outward. You can see the hinges on the outside. Moreover, a messy closet is one thing, but taking the better part of a week to sort through it? And why were people more willing to just sleep with Yuno instead of find the key? It’s just more evidence that the Hidamari apartments are actually a hotbed of lesbian sexual experimentations.

In any case, it was better than most of the last few episodes, and I’d call it one of the stronger episodes of this season, but like most of the rest, you can really feel the formula that Shaft has completely locked themselves into. That would be fine if they used it as a platform, but after the 10th time of seeing this exact same morning exercise routine and about the 23rd time of the ending bath, I can help by groan and fight off the urge to fast forward every time they start.


Melon bread, apparently…

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4 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • EDU says:

    Destroy All lesbians!

    This show is cute, but no need bathroom scenes

  • bakaranger says:

    I actually thought almost the same thing when I watched this. I started to wonder if Yuno had awaken in some dating sim. She seems to take a different girl route every night. I never realized she was such a player before.

  • Haesslich says:

    Yuno, that lucky…