Ikkitousen: XX #02 — Shu Sucks

April 1st, 2010


I would take never seeing Kann’u again if it meant getting rid of Ryuubi and Chouhi.


Dammit, Seito. Whenever you’re around, you suck away all the fun of everything. Kann’u isn’t too horrible and Shiryuu is okay for the one time every 10 episodes that she gets to appear, but the rest of you can just be dropped off a bloody cliff and never come back. Ryuubi’s still just a damned walking deus ex machina and Chouhi has never done a damn useful thing in the entire history of the show. Why is she around? God only knows. Even Koukin has made himself useful on occasion. Hear that, you incompetent bint? Koukin is better than you. Koukin.

Ahhhh… That’s much better.

As you might gather, this episode was… not so good, shall we say. Seito rambles endlessly onward about nothing interesting, Bachou tries to worm her way in. Then a terrible flashback about the Seito three’s first meeting before Bachou drags off Ryuubi for some alone time and ends up switching sides and asking Hakufu for help after her patentend boot to the crotch fails to win a battle. Thankfully, next week looks a lot better, but the only thing really worth noting this week was the OP. Just pretend that Hakufu picked up Bachou at the end of the last episode and you’re set. I’m still calling Bachou’s brother for last boss too. This show isn’t deep enough to have a character that looks evil not be a dark mastermind. At least it should be better than having half a dozen Saji Genpous running around.


Antagonists and Hakufu trains Bachou.

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9 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • NightShadow2239 says:

    Aww… You don’t have to make Koukin sound that bad =p

  • MisaoFan says:

    Do you watch the second episode of Shin Koihime Muso OT ?

  • anon111 says:

    >Dammit, Seito. Whenever you’re around, you suck away all the fun of everything.


    Hakufu is easily my favorite Ikkitousen character, but Nanyou is 100% dull aside from her.

    Seito at least has some lively interactions with each other. And I like Chouhi. Their presence is one of the things that made DD better than the first season.

  • Ryugan Ric says:

    the opening needs more banchou

  • Everything you say about Ryuubi is true, but she sure made a good eye catch this time, didn’t she?

  • The Phantom says:

    So the only point of this show is fanservice? Do people actually watch garbage like this?

  • Anon999 says:

    Pfft. Ikki Tosen is nothing but an animated vehicle to show off some fanservice to male otaku.

    The directors and writers could’ve done a really better job with the series, like acutally giving enchanted armor and weapons and powers to the main characters. Or have the characters get killed off one by one in an epic kung-fu battle.

    Hell, just turn the girls into boys and vice versa, and you have: Ronin Warriors: The Legend of Three Kingdoms.