Night Raid #01 — Chinese X-Men

April 5th, 2010


Complete with wire effects.


I clearly must have missed something because I didn’t expect this to be about super powers. I like super powers. However, I don’t really like dull intrigue or shows that spend half their time sitting around talking about dull intrigue. The fact that this super team also has very ill defined powers and a telepathic little girl mascot is also not particularly endearing either. They go through this big deal of paradropping in, sneaking around, and then the moment they get into trouble, they just teleport out. Sure, the guy was reluctant to teleport, but the conversation to convince him to use his powers went basically:

"Hey, use your power."
"Come oooooonnnn…"

And then he teleported them into a ditch. Maybe that’s why he didn’t want to use his power… because he sucks at it. Or maybe they’re going to swipe from Darker Than Black, although the telepath was throwing her power around for the entire second half of the episode without a second thought.

Production was decent enough, but not stellar thanks to at least ten minutes of talking heads. The music was decent enough too, but the direction and writing was pretty haphazard. It was difficult to tell if the corny fight scenes were done like that to make it look like Chinese wire martial arts flicks or the guy was using his powers. It looked really horrible though. That special brand of horrible that only Chinese wire-arts is capable of… you know the kind… where a leg sweep sends a guy into a spread eagle and flying through the air. Or a shoulder toss that looked like it would have barely bruised someone ends up flattening a concrete wall 50 feet away. I’d rather not speak of the low speed CG car chase either. Why would you do that?

The intrigue doesn’t interest me at all and the action was nowhere near enough to really make me sit up and take notice either. It doesn’t seem that horrible, but it also doesn’t really seem like anything above and beyond a cheap Darker Than Black knockoff so far yet either, and I wasn’t a huge fan of either season of that to begin with.

FYI, I’m having some bizarre DNS problems connecting to the site (and PubMed!) at the moment. I can get around them (or just go to campus), but I’l probably be a little slow until I get this figured out.

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6 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Tokki says:

    Like u I must of also missed something. Bc the previews havent the slightly suggestion that theres anything supernatural bout this show. But okay. And bc of that I dont have must intrest in it any more. Im really getting tired of 60% or more of shows having to deal with characters with superpowers.I never know. I might check it out anyways.

  • Blue-kun says:

    I’m starting to note that we’ve been running a lot lately into shows that prefer to have 10 minutes of talk about what’s happening instead of actually showing whatever the fuck is happening in /setting/ .

    Must be a new trend or something.

  • Arabesque says:

    See, I kind of suspected they might alter things due to the nature of Japan’s occupation of China during this time period. But this is a bit ridiculous…

  • Aroduc says:

    Just FYI, the site problem seems to be something afflicting the northwest. The biggest dropped connection seems to be that almost nobody in Oregon can connect to Blizzard’s servers. Sadly, that eclipses me. Hopefully Verizon or Comcast or whoever the problem is with will figure it out soon.

  • zwei says:

    The Chinese is hilarious! I highly doubt that they hired a real Chinese as the main’s voice actor..the tone is so wrong. The translations are somewhat wrong as well. But hey, the guy laughs funny. Ahahahaha.