Shiki #11 — And Now For Something Completely Different

September 16th, 2010


God, what is wrong with you?

Classes really need to start back up again so I stop sleeping in until almost noon.


Sigh. I suppose that I should have expected the show to eschew its progress in order to make fun of a crazy voodoo woman. Even the Doctor got in on the act. Why help her incite the town to violence against known vampires when you can… get slightly more information on them by taking their pulse? I mean, it’s not like they’re killing people or have threatened you. And tell the townspeople that they’re being preyed on by vampires and how to defend themselves? Nah. It’s not like you took an oath to do no harm or anything. Oh yeah, and Natsuno? Who cares about him? We can just tuck him into the preview for next week. He doesn’t matter. Although I hear that the Funimation stream cut that and played the normal ED instead of the 90 second ED/preview. Great work, champs. Way to really work that three week break.

Anyway, the writing is really killing this show. Every now and then, the director puts together some really great atmosphere perfectly suitable for a thriller, but then the characters do the most moronic things imaginable for little to no discernable reason. Or in the last few episodes, focus shifts off a cliffhanger onto something totally unrelated. What did I want to see this week? Natsuno and vampires. What did I get? Crazy lady ranting about demons and Doc making fun of her, despite knowing that she’s partially right. The mind boggles.

And the show’s off until October 14thish now. I really hope there’s some good stuff on Thursdays for the upcoming season. Le sigh.


Doofus somehow captures one and starts experimenting.

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  • Andy says:

    wtf nothin happen this week
    well preview looks good so next episode is pretty promising

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  • L says:

    i didn’t saw any preview when i watched o_o