Bakuman. #01 — –Boing–

October 2nd, 2010


And no, that’s not Mr. Saturn.


This immediately makes me think of an angsted up and mood evened Comic Party. Not Revolutions. Revolutions was hilarious. The crappy initial adaptation. Mashiro takes the spot of personalityless Kazuki and Takagi fills in for Taishi, only without any of the energy or charm. Subtract the colorful and… well… insane cast of characters and dump in three tons of genericness in their place too. Mostly at any rate. Something about everybody’s hair disturbs me. It’s like they all showered in crisco. It never moves, and it glows with the same unearthly light in both night and day. The direction is also suspect. I have no idea why the show would feel the need to leap around between flashback and present other than to wring out some extra angst. "I like manga! Wait, now I don’t. Here’s a flashback that explains what happened in the three minute span between my total reversal of opinion." Why not just keep things in proper chronological order and save yourselves a few minutes of exposition and hand wringing? Oh right, can’t move the plot at above a snail’s pace or they’ll take away your Jump license. 

Anyway, production is rather poor. Consistent at least, but JC Staff is obviously putting as little effort in here as they can get away with. The sound is perhaps the biggest fault. It’s like they got Index’s cracked up composer back (which maybe they do, I don’t care to check) to toss in bizarre overly synthed irritating tracks whenever they crack something even approaching plot motion in order to jolt you out of whatever stupor the previous four minutes of angsty narrated flashbacks have dropped you into. "MAKE A MANGA!?" Quick! Track C! With extra reverb! The sound effects for ‘jokes’ is also almost insulting. "Marry you!?" –BOING– Why not drop a safe on someone’s head while we’re mining the Looney Tunes archives? The Super Hero Whatever part that the show opened with was the highlight of its production and musical design. That’s… not commendable.

At the end of it, it commits a bigger sin than being bad; it’s boring. Nothing happens… slowly, the characters have no personalities, and the show simply looks bad. There is really no defining trait or, and I hate to use this term, wow factor that makes me give a rip about anything that happened didn’t happen in this episode. No defining moment, no hook, nothing. Just… "Here’s some guys, they’re making manga about Jump. You like Jump, right? Buy this. Okay, that’s a day. Everybody to the titty bar. Satoshi’s gonna do body shots off that skanky ho with the c-section."



I like how the next episode preview had about 15 frames.

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11 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • NightShadow2239 says:

    Boy you are blogging rather late today. The shows really that interesting =p?

    • Aroduc says:

      More like early. I was up at 5:00 yesterday morning to drive people to the airport, so my sleep schedule’s a bit futzed up.

  • Gin says:

    “Oh right, can’t move the plot at above a snail’s pace or they’ll take away your Jump license.” Whether you love or hate Jump, you have to admit that never had truer words have been spoken (or written). For that, I’m stealing those lines for when I present my impressions of this season for the anime club in two weeks. Can I borrow some of the caps?

    • Nanaya says:

      Seriously, that’s probably completely true. I know people who still haven’t gotten over them canceling Double Arts 14 chapters in when they were actually doing something with it.

    • Aroduc says:

      Technically, they don’t belong to me anyway. *shrug*

  • Chen says:

    Bakuman just wants your loooooooooove~

    But, yeah, the premise sounds inane. Will still follow it for the cast involved. Don’t let me down, JC Staff.

  • Anonymous says:

    Aroduc sounds like a whiney twelve year old.

  • Senna says:

    … Why is the opening a 90s ballad? What kind of show is this?!

  • The Phantom says:

    “It’s boring. Nothing happens… slowly, the characters have no personalities, and the show simply looks bad.”

    100% agreed on this.

  • TalismanTwelve says:

    Crisco! Buy now for extreme sheen in your….damn, cant think of something to rhyme that relates to hair.

    Boring show is indeed boring, manga is okay. At least the arts good. Also, I really liked double arts and was pissed they dropped it.

  • Twirble says:

    Maybe it’s because I’m a girl but I liked the end. When she agreed to marry him I couldn’t suppress a squee. (female hormones and all.)