Detective Opera Milky Holmes #01 — Too Sexay!

October 7th, 2010


This was different.


And the winner for most nippleage and shiniest nipples goes to Milky Holmes! Take a bow. You’ve earned it.

This was quite a different setup from what I was expecting. The girls already start out as the awesome heroes of everybody, but lose their powers in the opening battle and are subsequently stripped of their rank and privileges by the antagonists (who seem to be more bored than actual antagonists, or perhaps of the Mouse variety). Said antagonists also wander around the school doing various things without even bothering to wear disguises or masks. I’m not sure if it’s actively mocking that particular magical girl trope, or is succumbing to it. Whenever there’s doubt, it’s usually the latter. All I know is that the male stripper is giving Tact a run for his money in the flamboyance department. I have yet to see Tact toss up the horns, strip, and then throw his clothes onto little girls while his nipples are jutting out like fleshy missiles. The bigger issue is that all of the protagonists are bent towards the hyperactive and irritating variety. The antagonists are already far more interesting.

Production was better than expected, but still just average at best. A lot of the cutaway gags have really janky art which I’m not totally convinced is on purpose since the actual quality varies so much. The fight at the start was okay, but I’m not sure if we’ll be seeing anything like that now that they’re not super powered. I’m not really sure what the target audience is though. This would probably make a great little corny Sunday morning show, but at 11 PM…? Despite the ED, there’s really nothing but sugar in the episode. Well, and naked men. I do have to compliment it for moving right along with the plot and setup which a lot of other shows have not done well this season. It slowed down a bit in the later going, but they certainly started with enough of a hook that I wasn’t checking the clock 5 minutes in.

It seems like a decent, if overly cutesy magical girl show, and you know how I like my superpowered kids of mass destruction, but without their superpowers… I dunno anymore. I’ll probably give it another five minutes or so next week to make its case since I’m pretty disillusioned with Shiki and Redundancy of Redundancies, but I can’t say that I’m hooked or overly impressed. It was often cute, I’ll give it that, but it’s never a good sign when the protagonists are the least interesting characters in a show by a large margin.




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  • Mesousa says:

    …I guess this isn’t a kiddie show, then.

  • Cucumber says:

    These screen caps gave me diabeetus.