Fortune Arterial #01 — Ovaries Tingling…

October 8th, 2010


Did someone call for a bland male lead?

FYI, I flipped through SRW, but it appears that they used up all the budget in the first episode because 90% of this week’s episode was talking heads, Ex grinning like an idiot, and Bullet making stupid faces. Then a giant tiger starts shooting lasers. The most amusing part of what I flipped past was Kyosuke’s screen saying that he had "Rocked On" to the enemy. Something’s gotta give on Fridays.


Ugh. feel. Why do you do this? Yet another generic soulless game adaptation starring a male lead with slightly less personality than moldy toast and a harem of archetypes led by a vampire that spontaneously ovulates when she touches Captain Milquetoast. It was a struggle to remain conscious through this. There was no real humor, no creativity, nothing interesting with the visuals… nada. This is the instant mashed potatoes of bad harem porn game adaptations. About the only noteworthy thing about it is that the brother vampire also likes to touch Kohei a lot. If I hadn’t been fighting the powerful urge to sleep for the past twenty minutes, I’m sure I could make a better joke about it.

I suppose that the art is consistent and decent. The music was also… very calming and sleep inducing, if you need a nap. That’s where my goodwill runs out. I hate to repeat myself, but I cannot imagine a more generic first episode or cast. It is simply almost insultingly bland and made up of nothing but stereotypes that have already been done to death forty thousand times over without any twist or even attempt at creativity in the slightest. Nothing visual, nothing in the direction, nothing in the writing. You may as watch a blank sheet of paper for twenty minutes. At least then you can write about how it was a journey of nihilistic self-exploration instead of this drek.


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8 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Mesousa says:

    ZEXCS made this too, you know.

    Guess I’ll pull an Iron Man and skip the first episode.

  • Aex says:

    The original first few chapters of the manga were bad enough, this… this was atrocious. It jumped for chapter 1 to like 15, and this isn’t really one of those times where order doesn’t matter. Now I feel the need to watch the second episode just to see if they drag out the vampire reveal or if they play it smart and get it over with. Either way, this is gonna be bad in many ways.

  • Silentbrick says:

    What is it with loli-blond vampires wearing ribbons too?!

    And the male lead seems to be the type that might manage to saw ow if you kick him repeatedly in the groin.

    I say it again, this seasons sucks. In a bad way.

  • MD says:

    well you sure gave this 1st episode rave reviews.

    I on the other hand liked the 1st episode. Sure it could have been a bit better, but it’s alot better than the uber bad start like Samurai Girls had. I’m sticking with this one all the way through and I don’t care what anyone says about it.

  • Nanaya says:

    Oh god, I read through the manga and that comment about “her ovulating every time she touched him” made me laugh so hard I couldnt breathe. That just about summed her character up it up.

    • Nanaya says:

      I have got to learn to look lines over and delete parts when my train of thought skips a track >_<

  • Kiseki says:

    Better than Cabbage Love, at least?