Heaven’s Lost Property ƒ #01 — Dream Weaver

October 1st, 2010


ƒ is not f, dammit.


Well, this was fun. And barely perverse at all other than Sohara’s dream about being molested every which way from Sunday and the OP/Tomoki’s heart bell. Sure, Tomoki’s badly censored morning salute could count, but since it was destroyed by angel rockets, I’m counting that in the win category. I could get behind a running gag where Ikaros is forced to destroy Tomoki’s junk every episode. Hell, I’ll even go ahead and voice my support for more beam weapons to his crotch. Speaking of it and its censoring, I almost couldn’t even tell what it was thanks to… a little sunshine? Why is his penis glowing exactly? He must have caught some kind of disease from one of the Koihime girls with their radioactive vaginas.

Most of the episode was on Tomoki having weird dreams, so the angels used their device to send humans into dreams, but being inept, sent them to everybody else’s dreams first and then mysterious dream X where you can take acorns out. The plot’s about as compelling and deep as it ever was, which is to say that it’s mostly an excuse to introduce the newbie at the end of the episode. They did come out swinging hard with the initial gag and OP, but tailed off a little bit and once they showed that they’d be going through everybody else’s dreams, I expected a little more than just the standard, but eh. It looks and sounds as good as ever too, so no real complaints on that front.

So, like I said with the OVA, this is a lot better than the first few episodes of the first season. Tomoki’s less irritating, there’s more focus on actual humor and less on him molesting things, and it remains very well produced. Fridays are a busy busy day, but I had fun with this episode for the most part and don’t see why missing out on the flimsy ‘plot’ of the first season is any reason to deprive myself.

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15 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Kaisos says:

    You don’t like Tomoki molesting things? I loved Tomoki molesting things.

    • Aroduc says:

      Depends on the thing in question and presentation mostly. When he was dry humping Sohara and trying to sniff her crotch, not so much. He’s free to go molest a urinal or carrot or himelf though.

  • Mesousa says:

    At least everybody turns into chibi-form.

  • The Deviant says:

    not to mention Fan service >>! Can’t be an anime without it!

  • Andy says:

    so good horrible sub is subbing this series!

  • Gawl says:

    This anime is a guilty pleasure of mine. Good to see the first episode stayed entertaining through its duration. This is on my “to watch” list for Fridays.

  • Anonymous says:

    I seriously hope they keep that as the real OP, I laughed so hard.

  • Bass GS says:

    That was the most messed up opening I’ve ever seen!!

  • Anise_Punter says:

    <3 psychotic golf club wielding Sohara.

    The OP killed me; that was about the last thing I expected.

  • Gil says:

    Why can’t you just call this “Sora no Otoshimono” like everyone else instead of “Heaven’s Lost Property”?

  • Dual says:


  • The Phantom says:

    Well, It was entertaining at least.

  • Yue says:

    Absolutely ABSURD, I’m in. Plus, the opening kills my morality everytime which is ridiculously fine.