Maiden Demon Zakuro #02 — Kill Whitey!

October 11th, 2010


Yeah, real subtle here.


Another okay episode. I have the feeling that this show is just going to keep stringing me along by being barely on the watchable side of mediocre for the entire run. Hopefully they’ve gotten the worst of the "demons vs humans" stuff out of their system too, because this was particularly heavy handed. Here comes the evil western capitalist that wants to desecrate demon shrines and kill them all. And one of the first things he says is that demons are garbage. I bet they all do what he says and kill the demon! Give me a break. At least he was nice enough to provide them secluded areas to flirt for the middle third of the episode.

A lot of the rest of the episode was spent on relationship building between the pairs, although it’s all paper thin. Riken unabashedly hits on Susuki and Ganryuu can tell the twins apart. Big deal. So can I. Horie Yui sounds nothing like Toyosaki Aki at all. That scene made absolutely no sense with voices. Great work, Chiaki Kon. Kei, on the other hand, tries to feed Zakuro a candle. I already hate Zakuro’s new love interest, the perfect boy Hanadate. If this weren’t a girly show, I’d already have him pegged for the final boss since he’s too damn perfect in every single way. Since this has more roses than characters though, he’ll probably just be the love rival that Zakuro always rushes off to whenever Kei tries to stick a candle in her.

You heard me.


Happy eyes!

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12 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • sage says:

    Ganryuu can tell the twins apart. Big deal. So can I. Horie Yui sounds nothing like Toyosaki Aki at all.

    MY GOD, THIS!!!

    Kaisos says:

    Probably the only reason they hired Toyosaki at all was to have a K-ON VA in the show…

  • Anonymous says:

    Kind of odd you’d use two different voices for identical twins, last I heard twins have the same voice.

    Steven Den Beste says:

    Sometimes they do that right. In “Banner of the Stars”, there are two twin brothers, and the same seiyuu does both of them. It’s weird listening to them talking to each other, because the seiyuu does indeed use exactly the same voice, same intonation, same cadence for them both.

    Anon says:

    I’ve seen and heard twins that don’t sound alike at all.

  • Hanadate is a villain. You can tell because they drew him with oriental eyes.

    Aroduc says:

    Nah. The real villain will be some other random girl who shows up as soon as Kei makes a move. Probably a childhood friend or old girlfriend, but possibly just a gossipy racist bitch. You’ve got to know your girly cliches here.

  • Solaris says:

    Uhm what genre is this exactly? Shoujo? Demon hunting stuff? Both?

    Kaisos says:

    It’s serialized in a seinen magazine, but it’s written by a woman. Take that as you will.

    Aroduc says:

    Being written by a woman doesn’t really mean much of anything. Some of the trashiest T&A rags are penned by women as well.

    Kaisos says:

    Maybe I could have put that a little better…?

    It’s written by a woman, it has shoujo character designs, and isn’t smut.

    Mika says:

    Correction: It’s written by a woman whose known for her yaoi.