My Little Sister Can’t Be This Cute #01 — Maybe She’s Born With It

October 3rd, 2010


Maybe it’s Maybelline.


This was surprisingly dull in almost every way. AIC clearly isn’t putting much, if any effort into it. Like Yakumo, it’s little more than a parade of talking heads frm start to finish. There’s more movement and actual animation in this animated show than Yakumo, but not much. I’m not even really sure why AIC decided to cut the OP and ED from this episode given that it took the entire bloody episode just to introduce the premise of the show. The whole thing was about ten minutes longer than it had any business being. Much of my enjoyment of the episode came from trying to identify the games in Kirino’s stack, although I’m really not sure why she had Cross Days in there. How exactly does that have anything to do with little sister fetishism?

There’s not much to say about the characters thus far since 98% of the screentime was Kirino and Kyousuke. One has a permanent blush and the other has a permanent case of stupid. The show is really trying to sell itself on nothing but Kirino looking ‘cute,’ which got old fast. I’m also immune to the eight pounds of makeup that gives her permanently flushed cheeks. There needs to be something more to the show than just her blushing and waving her butt in the air. There are very few jokes, nothing visually interesting going on, and it’s all infected by an overly synthesized soundtrack that often sounds like a trombone is being strangled by an accordion.

I’ll give it another 5-10 minutes to be not-boring next week, but I really cannot say that I’m impressed or even lukewarm about this thus after one episode. AIC’s done so much better than this lately. Even Campanella and Overrun managed to at least have some energy and excitement in their opening episode. This had… well… two kids sitting in a room talking. And absolutely nothing more than that.

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11 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • yuuji says:

    I like how she had school days, summer days and cross days.

    maybe she has a yandere fetish too..

  • DmonHiro says:

    “How exactly does that have anything to do with little sister fetishism?”

    Don’t ask. Just… don’t ask.

  • sage says:


    Call me when one of them is raping the other.

  • Albedo says:

    So bad it was amusing. this is #1 for this failarious season.

  • SlashZero says:

    Maybe it’s just me, but I like having a plot with its feet on the ground. Sure, these over-the-top comedies like MM! are fun, but eventually the pragmatist in me gets riled up and the whole experience just becomes less fun.

    My favorite series of all time isn’t Scrapped Princess for no reason. Unlike other science fiction action series airing right now it doesn’t rely on repeatedly throwing curve balls at the viewer’s common sense. (I’m looking at you, Star Driver.) Instead the story relates to me on a human level I can understand without relying on these overused HI-llarious anime tropes thrown in to keep my interest.

    So yeah, while talking heads aren’t the most interesting thing to watch, I enjoyed this episode quite a bit. The interaction between Kirino and Kyousuke kept me entertained (especially during the “why do I like imouto characters?” scene) without making me internally facepalm.

  • Sarukah says:

    SlashZero, kudos to you because you are awesome.
    Everything you said I completely agree with. You’re also the only other person I’ve seen say that Scrapped Princess is their or one of their favorites. It’s also mine and for the same reasons.
    The show’s plot needs to be believable and have characters that are also realistic in a sense to get the most enjoyment out of it.

    • Silver says:

      Wait me too! Scrapped Princess is also my favorite but it’s not totally the same reason why you like it (although I definitely agree with it). It’s one of those series that I started watching when I first got “started” in anime. I also loved Outlaw Star when I first watched it when I was around 11 in 2000. Series that I grew up with tends to be my favorite and yes, that includes stuff such as Sailor Moon, Pokemon, and Card Captor. Surprisingly I never watched Dragon Ball.

  • Joule says:

    Come on Aroduc. LiveALive reference!

  • pata says:

    It’s better to have talking heads than talking…umm. feet?