Psychic Detective Yakumo #01 — Fiddling While Rome Burns

October 3rd, 2010


Bee Train!!!!


At least Yakumo now has competition for the worst produced show of the season. I’m not sure that they could have made this more visually dull if they tried. It is naught but an endless stream of talking heads set to mostly wildly inappropriate music with a sound director who seems to be treating the volume knob like his own personal plaything. YES! HELLO! EYECATCH! THANK YOU FOR BLASTING THAT AT ME. The music was really pretty awful though. The songs were clearly bent towards the thriller side of things, but when there’s zero tension and they’re playing it for Yakumo handing over literally garbage he’s dug up or rooted out of the trash, it’s just bad. It doesn’t even matter if the content is good if you’re going to present it with the same amount of creativity and directorial spark as dry toast.

Of course, the content’s pretty bad too. The first sign of disaster was Generic Sidekick Girl noticing the giant mirror Angsty Spice has hanging up and him congratulating her because nobody ever noticed it before. Seriously? Then later in the episode, after the killer was too freaked out by Yakumo having a red eye to finish killing him so ran away (and of course, he waited to try to kill Yakumo until after he untied Sidekick Spice), Angsty and Sidekick just sat in a burning building on the second floor and waited for the episode to end. What were they doing while the guy was spreading gasoline exactly? Looking for his contact lens? But no, go ahead and take your time. I mean, it’s not like the building’s on fire or anything, right?

Final verdict is ew. I expected little from Bee Train and they gave me nothing. Another painfully generic "I see spirits, now I solve crimes/spirit problems with the help of my plucky assisstant" with the added bonus of being produced on a shoestring budget. If you’ve seen any one of the half dozen of these out there, then you’ve seen it done far better than this.


Antagonist Spice poses dramatically in the opposite direction as he did this episode.

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2 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Hinano says:

    Omg the main guy looks like a mix of Reiji from Phantom and Shin from Persona Trinity Soul. Also I could be mis-interpreting it but I’m seeing a romance possibility. Maybe I will watch a show this season after all! XD

  • GARbell says:

    Curse you, Aroduc, for invoking the Spice Girls ear worm in my head.

    The scene on the roof was hilarious. It was sorta, considering the rate of structural collapse of the rest of the building after the place went up, they seemed awfully calm about just sitting on an upper floor for a while.

    Not expecting it to be great, but it may be my best chance at watching a decent mystery series in a while (I’m not holding my breath for Milky Holmes), so I guess I’ll keep watching and laughing at all the clueless parts.