Reminders of Heaven #01 — Imagin is Back!

October 4th, 2010


Once again, pick your own translation of the wordplay title. There are about 6 valid ones.


Well, this is a disaster, but enough of a disaster that it was kind of fascinating to watch in progress. Let me just summarize the high points of the episode and see where you tap out. Haru and Sora transfer in, and every single girl he meets immediately falls in love with him and starts blushing. Then Sora has a flashback to playing with him (her twin brother mind you), ending with them kissing. The next day at school, everybody is too flustered to function and blushes at the thought of having Haru in their class. Haru then goes home where Sora fantasizes about jamming her tongue down his throat, but holds back the urge… until he’s asleep, when she wakes him up and strips in front of him. The episode then ‘ends’ and it continues with a four minute parody ‘episode’ where the maid suddenly begins masturbating.

So. Yeah. Forget undertones here. They couldn’t be more upfront about selling sex and the incest fetish angle unless they had Sora mount Haru herself. I will admit that the music is rather nice and outside of every single girl having their panties turn moist at Haru’s appearance, wasn’t too bad for the first half, aside from being unabasedly porn game. The art was pretty decent for awhile too, and Sora was kind of cute, in that sex-crazed psychopath / angry drunk kind of way. I have no idea what the post ED sequence was though, and honestly, it was more entertaining than the episode itself. I cannot imagine watching this for any reason than to see exactly what insanity they’re going to pull next. Don’t get me wrong, like I’ve said with Bakuman, I think it’s better to be notably awful than to be boringly dull, but good lord, if you watch this, it better be to make fun of it.


Apparently Haru was… unsatisfying.

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35 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • karry says:

    “Once again, pick your own translation of the wordplay title.”

    Right. How about actually writing the fucking show’s name somewhere, because from your post i get no indication what the fuck this IS, without looking at some chart.

    • sora says:

      hmmmmm…. “Reminders of Heaven #01″…. i wonder what that could be… a title maybe… why don’t you look next time instead of getting all whine up… saves you the trouble of looking kinda… ahem… “Once again, pick your own translation of the wordplay of what I’m trying to say.” :D have a nice day.

    • Jack Damn says:

      You could always ask for your money back.

  • sterling01 says:

    This is the greatest eroge adaptation ever.

    Also Haru can apparently glow

  • Mesousa says:

    So in other words…this is Lie To Me: The Anime?

    Well, Studio Feel, looks like Kanamemo won’t be your only masterpiece.

  • Anonymous says:

    i was expecting some mystery and subtle romance, but you made it sound like kiss x sis

  • Dual says:

    Immediately fall in love? Those girls have met Haru before. Try paying attention next time instead of cherry picking flaws, like you usually do.

    • Adam says:

      But that’s half the fun.

      I’m pretty sure he that they immediately fall in love as soon as they’re introduced though. Like in a billion other romance/porn game adaptations.
      Why waste time on things like development of relationships when you can give all the characters a “history” with the main character and have them all shoving their crotches in his face by episode 3?

    • Aroduc says:

      Why waste time with development when you can have flashbacks in later episodes explaining why their panties squish when they walk!

  • Hinano says:

    Wow this show looks terribly….awesome. You know like one of those shows you watch because its so terrible, kinda like school days!

    I’ll have to check this out, just because I am hoping for someone to get on a nice boat at the end.

    • Kaisos says:

      But School Days was a legitimately good satirical depiction of what happens to the male lead archetype when you give it an actual sex drive. In addition to being godawful.

      Unless Haru turns out to be a psychopathic manwhore like Makoto, this will be nowhere near as entertaining.

  • Nanaya says:

    Aroduc, you ever afraid one of these series posts will come back around to bite you? “No, grandma… no, I didn’t make this. No, I don’t want these things. I just, uh, watched summarized and spread it around to the rest of the world. No don’t hang u-“

  • cutemi2 says:

    bathe scene exposed and some onanism from the maid


  • MisaoFan says:

    Haruka can’t be turned as psychopathic manwhore like Makoto, I want to have a good ending to the anime !!!

    • Aex says:

      I wouldn’t hold my breath for a “good” ending. If he gets too close to ANY of the girls Sora’s probably gonna axe them, so we very well might be heading for another “nice boat” ending. Though seeing as Haru actually seems to have a working moral compass, at least it won’t be his fault.

      • Dual says:

        Dont worry, there are no “nice boats” or similar stuff in Yosuga no Sora. Thats the difference between a well-written visual novel and a typical nukige(sex romp) game like School Days.

  • DK says:

    Full-hentai OVA, when?

  • Vegetarian4Life says:

    Too bad a show with such excellent charachter designs and excellent panoramas is so painful to watch. **Sigh**

  • Greg says:

    I had no intention to watch this when the season started, but Aroduc’s description of the first episode makes me want to at least check out this possible failfest and read Aroducs’s accompanying blogs.

  • Gin says:

    The Imagin are here! Call Kamen Rider Den-oh not that Imagin. Oh well.

  • Aex says:

    Wow… if Haru had a broken moral compass this would pretty much be School Days all over again. Be interesting to see how this turns out with a nice guy as the protagonist… although it wouldn’t shock me if Sora still killed someone. I’d say possibility of Haru getting some is pretty high. This series definitely isn’t shying away from the sexual stuff, plus that maid-thing at the end and the second ED were just… wow >.<

  • Seba says:

    Japan never ceases to amaze me.
    I liked the character designs and I didn’t hate Haru, so I guess I’ll ignore the stupidity of the female cast in favour of delicious twincest.

    • Albedo says:

      That’s funny… I’m ignoring the twincest in favor of the failarious cast. here’s hoping Sora goes yandere.

  • sora says:

    aroduc… i didn’t know u were doing hentai now lol

    the ed raped my mind!!!

  • sora says:

    Aroduc, do u have a blog about school days???

  • SlashZero says:

    The writer is seriously underplaying how cute (or to be more accurate, moe) Sora is, which I think is what made her character in the source so well-liked. Instead we get her masturbating to the thought of kissing Haruka. I’m not sure if this bodes well for the rest of the show.

    • Moogy says:

      No, no, they’re simply overplaying how m.o.e. Sora is. This bodes very well indeed.

      I hope the next episode is more like the second OP/ED/thing or the C part instead of the other boring shit though.

  • Hentai_Jp says:

    What can I say? I genuinely like this show…

  • The Phantom says:

    The first 15 minutes were enjoyable, the maid scene was like out of place so was the bath scene, the rest esp. the first 7 or so minutes were awesome. Unless it goes downhill on the next episode, I’m definitely following this one.

  • Silentbrick says:

    I dunno…most of it was boring and I wanted to slap his sister a few times, but watching that girl slam her face into her desk was oddly amusing.

  • Spectrum says:


  • Duke says:

    The name of the game is “Yosuga no sora”