STAR DRIVER #01 — It’s a Pinch!

October 3rd, 2010


Mecha-ballet warriors, roll out!


This was… an experience. If I had to sum it up in a word, it would be fabulous. Not necessarily the good kind of fabulous. The kind of fabulous that involves you dressing up in drag and going to see Priscilla, Queen of the Desert at 1am and ends with you questioning your own sexuality after a drunken experience with a belly dancer named Bruno in the theater’s bathroom. It was a bit offputting and made it hard to really get the flow of the story or what exactly it was trying to be. I simply do not think that I have it in me to be able to take a show seriously where everybody emits sparklies and the hero has a magical boy transformation sequence while the antagonists are shouting how pretty he is… followed by his Cybuddy leaping and pirouetting around like Baryshnikov after two cartons of box wine. Oh yeah, and all the villains are in skimpy leather and wearing magical opera masks that let them travel between dimensions. Did I mention that? Like I said, an experience.

Aside from its excessive flamboyant need to preen, it looks as good as most Bones shows. It was rather light on the action though. More time was spent on Cybuddy dancing than on actual punching each other. I really disliked their musical selection, but like I said, I was having a lot of trouble figuring out the exact atmosphere that the show was aiming for between random animal eared maids, sparklies, and characters that were more radioactively colored hair than head. I do know that I’m already tired of hearing about Tact’s grandfather though. I can’t say that I like any of the characters really either. Tact is fabulous and kind of an idiot, Rich Guy has maids that he dresses in animal ears, and Damsel in Distress likes to eat. I realize that it’s the first episode, but MM! had more depth than this, and it’s… well… Xebec.

Mech shows aren’t really my thing anyway and there’s plenty of other stuff on Sundays. I’m not ruling this out yet, but I felt more baffled by trying to figure out what they were drving for as I watched than excited. I’m sure I really didn’t get across quite how flaming this show is either. I know that’s a draw to many, but I personally found it too chaotic and all over the place to actually make a lick of sense. They were clearly going for a fast paced intro where you were tossed into the middle of things, but I think that Bones got distracted by trying to make this as fabulous as possible instead of making a solid episode.


The league of opera dominatrixes strikes back. 

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11 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • ark noir says:

    Why does the bee gees song ‘Staying Alive’ come to mind when I see this picture.

    Probable reason is Saturday Night Fever!

  • Scamp says:

    My meter for measuring how much I should hype myself up for new anime is how many times the early reviews mention the word ‘fabulous’.

    I counted 5. Colour me excited

  • Jack Damn says:

    Christ! Someone feed this poor guy…what does he have….a body fat percentage of 3!? It’s not even drawn for the target audience.

    Anyway…I always give a show at least 3 episodes before I bail, so I’ll hang till episode 3.

  • TalismanTwelve says:

    Lol…. I love the word fabulous. Watched it……I concur, definitely an experience.

  • Mesousa says:

    Bones has failed to intesrest me and over and over and over…

  • Nazarielle says:

    If I had to sum it up in a word, it would be fabulous.

    Ok, I’m sold~

  • Gin says:

    Fabulous indeed. Oh wow, I’m going to have fun at the club with this.

  • FreeBurger says:

    whoa, i gave up on anime but i think i will check this out.

  • Anacone says:

    lol…This review was fabulous.

  • pata says:

    Not fabulous…
    More like marvelous!

  • The Phantom says:

    Lol the male lead has a magical girl (boy?) transformation and wtf that blue haired retard was pretty much giving away his girlfriend to the new guy.

    However the episode was packed with a bit of everything and was enjoyable enough that I’m most likely following it for a few more episodes.

    On the other hand is Bones, so I am quite sure this show will have:

    1. Gorgeous Visuals.
    2. A weird story.
    3. The shittiest possible ending.