The Legend of the Legendary Heroes #15 — The End of Innocence

October 7th, 2010


Don’t make Sion beg for it, Lyner.


Damn it, Zexcs. Why do you have to start making this show decent again right when new things are airing? The two Sion parts were as horrible as always, but at least Lyner pinned him down and had his way with him at the end of it. Maybe. He certainly deserves a reaming after blowing off the maid who practically threw her body at him. Yet more evidence that Sion is light in the loafers. Did you see that "come hither" look he was giving Lyner on the bed? Seriously. There is only one reason that a king would not be getting some.

Anyway, this episode was mostly just silliness. Nothing of import or value happened this week, just lots of blowing stuff up and Milk being cute. Ferris turned Milk against Lyner through tales of him seducing women and children to his dark ways, then everybody ran off to Sion’s castle for what I’m choosing to remember as very half-hearted attempted regicide. It was fun though, which is something this show has badly lacked since almost the first episode with all its angsty flashbacks and crappy Sion posturing. Then again, maybe it’s just the effect of watching this after the Shaft show and so much manliness leaking off of stern bishies that I can barely see straight. I guess I can put off making a decision for another week.



Dango quest continues.

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7 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • The Phantom says:

    This show needs another bloody episode where nearly everybody dies, and the next episode are replaced by random named ppl out of nowhere, and yea sion should be included in the list of victims together with mr raven feathers.

  • agaara says:

    And it really doesn’t help that the next episode is a recap

  • Araaga says:

    15 episodes in and this series has gone nowhere. How many episodes left?

  • Zilla says:

    Recapping nothing is pretty pointless, but I guess the plot can finally advance from here, seeing as how some alternate World War is about to break out, Fabulous Froaude wants to kill Ryner, and Ryner and Ferris will probably stop trying to kill Sion. Maybe the crazed blood-licker from the OP will show up soon? That’ll be fun.

    And do these people know how to do anything other than spam lightening spells? Any other magic in their utility belts? Show me something new, please.