Yet the Town Keeps Going #01 — Copy/Paste

October 7th, 2010


Does Shinbo even try anymore?


So, I was totally wrong about this show. It’s actually a mind-screwing thriller based around the mystery of how Omigawa Chiaki still gets work. Oh right, other than Shaft, she doesn’t. Good lord is she a trial to even listen to.

*Ahem* Terrible VAs aside, this distinguishes itself from most other Shaft shows by having wildly inconsistent production. Otherwise, it’s the exact same as just about everything else they’ve made recently only without magic, time travel, aliens or any kind of hook at all involved. The art and animation did settle down in the second half, but it was downright abysmal from a technical standpoint in the first. Dropped frames, misshapen people, awful CG objects, and jerky motion abound, all the while Shaft is doing its usual ‘trick’ of having the characters talk really fast while the camera focuses on whatever random crap Shinbo can think of (including people’s eyes! Oh boy!) or abusing the hell out of Adobe Premier’s zoom or reflection plugins. It very obviously doesn’t have the budget for that brand of nonsense, but Shinbo’s apparently not letting that stop him.

It had its moments in humor, but there weren’t many and most were ruined anyway by Omigawa’s irritating drawl. Unfortunately, Shaft is continuing to run with the "if you talk fast enough, you don’t need to actually be funny" school of thought for this one for most of it and not really putting any effort into much else. Maids don’t behave like that! They behave like this! Oooh! You tripped! You can be "clumsy maid!" Yeah, I haven’t seen that eight thousand times before. Now we are saying something totally outlandish, which you haven’t heard since Summer Storm, or SZS, or… You get the point.

I guess if you can’t get enough of Shinbo crapping this stuff out season after season, then go for it. This is Yet Another Shaft Showtm with particularly janky production. I’ll take Milky Holmes’ sugar and rocket nipples over this any day of the week, to say nothing of Dango Quest or Crazy Vampire Hair.



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5 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Joule says:

    I quite liked what I read of the manga. I hope it translated well.

    Omigawa’s VA probably isn’t the first casting I would think of for Hotori. Hopefully she doesn’t break the show (I did get used her in Soul Eater and others).

    Shinbo being Shinbo again huh. 2 shows in one season. Must be a grand old time at Shaft studios. Also they should probably get on this whole simulcasting business. Seems like it’s only Shaft being left out.

  • zalkor says:

    Arakawa under the bridge (1st season) is what made me sick of Shaft shows, the first time it was unique, the second time was still nice, third-to-nth time is just sad.

    I’m treating Shaft like Studio Deen, Avoid it like the plague…

  • marvelous stan says:

    I enjoyed wacky SHAFT hijinks back during Pani Poni Dash. The intervening years have not been kind to my opinion of them.

  • pata says:

    that grandma maid is sooooooooooooo moe!!!

  • Gin says:

    Is it me or is the OP…inconsistent? I just don’t get why I don’t like it. Something about it seems just a bit off that is driving me up the wall. Anyone know why?