January 13th, 2011


What a pussy.


Yamakan delivers a tour de…

Damn, I couln’t even finish a single sarcastic sentence. While this show certainly isn’t lacking in visuals, great production for an A-1 show which then plummet to absolute garbage immediately was practically their calling card in their disasterious little Anime no Chikara nonsense. Of course, like most noitaminA stuff, it was also two minutes shorter than most other shows. Cutting out 10% of the show has to have a beneficial effect on the production, right? It’s definitely trying to be very theatric with orchestral scoring as well, but they’re really biting off a lot more than they can chew, especially when they had violins going full blast as the keystone cops were doing bad schtick before comically blasting off. And these are the antagonists hunting Sans Clothing.

Ahem. The bigger issue is that the show has absolutely no kind of hook or factor that makes it interesting in the slightest. It’s trying to sell itself on setting alone. Hell… the first five minutes have Crane sitting there, listening to his iPod tell him about the world while he goes, "wow, this world." Crane himself also doesn’t help matters. In a season full of spineless male leads made of sponge, he distinguishes himself by screaming like a moron every time he sees anything more than erotic than a bare ankle. I’d like to pin the blame on him for making the show so dull, but the direction does a very good job of that too. I’m sure some people will love to toss around "atmospheric" or "calming" and saying that I don’t get the show. Here’s my response. Go listen to your "sounds of the ocean" CD and get a haircut, you damn hippies! Atmosphere is only one part of presentation. If the content is little more than a kid twiddling his thumbs about having a girl (a girl!) within five feet of him, or listening to a book on tape, no amount of atmosphere is going to matter, unless there’s enough kg/cm2 to crush his head like a grape.

So anyway. Blah blah blah, make your own arguments about it being artistic or atmospheric all you want. Visual were good, music was… needlessly orchestral…, but if not for Crane occasionally screaming in terror about seeing female skin, the content would put you to sleep better than bull tranquilizers. Another noitaminA classique!


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13 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • alex says:

    those screenshots remind me somehow on Ghibli and Laputa

  • Ravage says:

    Say what you will about Yamakan, but the man knows how to make interesting OP’s. Too bad he’s fairly incompetent in everything else he does as a director.

  • Honoo says:

    Damn you Mr. Yamakan-Whoever, this looks much more boring than the manga.

  • marvelous stan says:

    >>no amount of atmosphere is going to matter, unless there’s enough kg/cm2 to crush his head like a grape.

    I like ‘atmosphere’ shows, but I loled.

  • Silver says:

    What?! I totally love these kind of shows. Anyway, your posts are still as fun to read as always. About Ghibli comments, I thought that too which is another reason why I was interested to see what it is like.

  • Kaisos says:

    “The bigger issue is that the show has absolutely no kind of hook or factor that makes it interesting in the slightest.”

    What about most of the people being, you know, freakish holograms?

    I thought that was interesting.

  • I have to wonder if you watched the same show I did. I thought this was magnificent, and I’m completely hooked.

    Has there been anything so far this season that you’ve liked, Aroduc? I think you’re getting cranky in your old age.

    • Kurogane says:

      Look, a kid who lives alone in an isolated place, and his only companionship is things that don’t even look like people, and suddenly a real, live, warm girl ends up in his bedroom, with nothing on above the waist, and eventually passes out in his arms. What exactly would you expect from him? Of course he freaks out. But he doesn’t molest her, and he generally treats her well and acts honorably. It’s not that he’s afraid of cooties, it’s that he doesn’t know how to behave when around other people in the flesh. It’s a plot point; it’s an aspect of this world.


    • The CronoLink says:

      Says the pot to the kettle. j/k :P

      I understand tho, too many wimps these days, although I thought the anime itself wasn’t so bad.

    • Those are called “Doppels”. They represent people who aren’t really present. It’s not yet clear if they’re simulations or remotely controlled.

      There are two of them in Clain’s house representing his parents, plus a third representing the family dog, which is why I’m leaning toward “simulation”.

  • AznSoulBoy says:

    Pussy kid indeed. lol.
    This is what you see in every animes now these days.
    Oh well…alright alright the show wasn’t that bad though…