Freezing #01 — Tis Only a Fleshwound

January 7th, 2011


I don’t understand how violence works in this show.


This was a lot darker than I was expecting. Not the blood and psychopath academy. I mean that it has lighting problems like you wouldn’t believe. I’m not sure whether I prefer the "so dark you can’t really see what’s going on" or the "so bright that with all that radiation, it’s no wonder Kazuya has severe brain damage." Let’s start with him then because he’s terrible. Actually, that’s about all of it. He sees Bridget, has a delusion of his sister, tackles her, and keeps rubbing his head in her breasts until she has a Freezingasm the girl she was fighting stabs her in the eye. That was only slightly less creepy then when he stuffed his face into his sister’s crotch in the flashback and proceeded to rub himself vigorously against it. At least this Kazuya is entertainingly terrible. And his sister is apparently permanently radioactive because every shot of her has her glowing white.

Oh yeah, that’s another thing, this show is bizarrely bloody. Nonsensically even. Apparently throat slashing and wrist breaking are required parts of training for fighting giant monster. I’d have thought they’d emphasize combat tactics useful for… fighting giant monsters, but apparently no. This is an academy for the cultivation of post traumatic stress disorder. Production was mostly okay outside of the lighting issues. The art does feel a little bit aged and washed out though. I’m not sure if it’s laziness or if they were going for some kind of retro feel. Probably the latter. I’ve already forgotten the music entirely, so uh, I guess it wasn’t terrible. It dragged pretty badly through the middle as they were going over all the technobabble, Ereinber Set, Anti-Freezing UnRestricted Restriction Limiter Zones of Restriction Limiting and whatnot, but at least the start and end were amusingly bloody. They also got around my dislike of Mamiko Noto by only giving her about three lines. I wonder if they can keep that up the entire show. Hopefully she’ll be using her real VA voice instead of breathy wallflower role #124442 anyway.

I’m probably giving off the wrong impression since this was more fun to write about than it was to actually watch. The action at the start and end was really the only decent thing about it and even that made little sense. I guess it could be an okay action show, but I wouldn’t hedge my bets. There was a lot of setup and bluster without actually going anywhere and the only introduction to the main characters was Kazuya rubbing his face on lady parts and Bridget stripping and/or slashing necks and/or having her eyes gouged out. It was watchable, but unless you’re a T&A action junkie, I’m not sure that I’d recommend it.


I already like the girl that backhanded Kazuya in the preview.

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  • Twi says:

    If you think this is bloody, wait until later if they follow the manga.

  • shadow says:

    the manga have good fights f/f ( are very fights ) not girls playing to fight and fanservice.

  • Anonymous says:

    women violence: the anime

  • shadow says:

    I download the episode and the combats are bloody ( is very hard found it in a fight girl vs girl ).
    Some know when episodes have it anime ? and now to wait for more episodes of it anime.

  • Nanaya says:

    I can’t stand this series. Seriously, it pissed me off how bad the execution was, to me it’s a perfect example of how not to write a series. Here’s a plot summary:

    “I have spoken to you for 5 seconds. HAVE MY BABY.”
    “I want to help you, so let me kneel on the sidelines and scream your name repeatedly despite supposedly having some power but never trying to use it.”
    “I have spoken to you four times. LET ME HAVE YOUR BABY.” (x2)
    “I am reportedly very powerful but get my ass kicked in 2/3 of my scenes. Someone tell the protagonist to cry and scream my name more, that seems to have an effect. Oh wait, I gain determination and develop powers and abilities from nowhere. Crap, nevermind, not like it matters at this point. Stupid powerlevels.”
    -End- (up to date, point where I drop series)

  • positiveputty says:

    first off – i love the manga… so my advice on how to approach this show:

    the action and the ecchi is the ONLY good parts about it… and holy fucking shit the action is amazing (in the manga). the story makes almost no sense – for a very long time its just pandora vs pandora for the sake of fighting (but again the quality of the action is top notch). also theres a lot of clothes exploding (not to the level of ikki tousen, but it happens).

    other than that, usual shy tsundere and super-overpowered guy (which gets exploited SITUATIONALLY in the manga… very inconsistent in that manner – hes god sometimes and others he just stands and watches)

    i can only hope the translation to anime manages to capture the only redeeming factors of the manga… it has THE best action sequences i have ever seen – incredible detail and number of panels are given to each sequence… its practically animated already as a manga.

    • Yue says:

      Found a publication of it a year back and it was pretty detailed. IMO, it wouldn’t have hurt for it to cast a more brusque male lead instead of someone so juvenile. This is quite seinen category already.

  • daiki says:

    Freezing is more or less a manwha about girls fighting girls for no reason. If you look for anything more than that, you’ll just be disappointed since everything else about it is simply terrible.

  • The Dude says:

    I have some vague hopes that it might turn out better than manga. If you don’t have the manga dropping your standards, I can see how it would only just barely qualify as “okay”.

  • The Phantom says:

    I see blood, I see violence, Finally!!, I was starving for more animated violence, sadly this show looks far from great… I’m watching it regardless but it has too much fanservice =X

  • alex says:

    A bloody Kampfer and maybe even with plot what do you want more.
    This was refreshing I needed such show.

  • shadow says:

    first read the manga and after you can critic, here the girls training in blood fights, but the real enemy are the nova ( monsters of other dimension ).
    here the fanservice is only a element , is not the story.

    • Ardit says:

      I read the manga and i can only agree with the blogger. The nonsensical violence gets only worse later on, mostly with the protagonist being unable to do anything to prevent it effectively, regardless of his OMGSUPERDUPER abilities. The manga auhtor is definitely a sadist, so watch this only if you dont care for gore + mild nudity and really enjoy sci-fi/action.

  • Greg says:

    Seems like quite a waste to me to have your “Defenders of the Earth” chopped down while they are training. Not much defending they can do then…

  • shadow says:

    But have the best combats with weapons f/f in the anime’ story.