Is This a Zombie? #01 — Magical Zombie ‘Girls’ vs Giant Gay Shrimp

January 10th, 2011


The fullscreen panty shot was apparently necessary.


And here’s a second fairly averagish magical (item) girlfriend show from Deen for the day. The zombie thing actually ended up being almost completely incidental instead of having any real focus. In other shows it would be "I’m just a normal kid who wants an uneventful life." Here, "I’m the undead." The whole setup is given in a flashback in the first few minutes while Ayumu fantasizes about Eu doing something other than sitting around sipping tea. I guess keeping her mouth shut and being cute does put her a few notches above most females this season, but still… I feel like my standards are starting to slip thanks to this season’s priming effect of mostly irritating or boring ones.

Unsurprisingly, it shares a lot of the same production similarities as Dragon Crisis… which is to say that it’s not great on the technical front. The music and direction especially leave quite a lot to be desired. There are shots that are held for about 5 seconds too long and far too much of Ayumu is internalized. While I’m sure the intention was to make him sarcastic and snarky, his one-liners were pathetic. He comes off as bored and exasperated with everything going on, which frequently undermines the scenes since the impression is that he’s complaining about the show to the audience. There are still some great jokes, especially his magical girl transformation at the end, but while the writing is more ambitious than DC’s, it misses its mark far more often as well.

Overall, this was also mostly enjoyable too. It definitely has quite a few direction and writing issues that need to be sorted out, but it should be at least a decent comedy with a few chuckles a week, even if they come at the expense of panty shots from magical zombie ‘girls’ and homosexual crustaceans.

Level E is going to have to wait until I get back from taking my tumorous dog to the vet.


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15 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • The henshin sequences were the best.

  • Nanaya says:

    Aww… I hope the dog is ok, mine had the same issue and never got better in the end. When they start avoiding you and spending most of their time alone is when it’s too late (instinct to hide the severity of their condition and not look weak).

  • longhaul says:

    Ive seen those circular fans like in zombie1_24.jpg in the store before, someone want to tell me how they are supposed to work?

    Also, having a chainsaw instead of a staff for a magical girl is a nice change of pace.

    • Nanaya says:

      Sucks air in through the base, pushes it out through a mm-wide slit going around it. The air hugs the circular shape and creates a low-pressure effect that causes it to flow out in one direction. It’s taken from jet/airplane technology. Also costs ~$300, so that says a lot about their income level.

  • Travis says:

    I hope your dog’s awright. Fingers crossed and all that.

  • alex says:

    strange, didn’t really caught me, if those monsters wouldn’t be so lame

  • Jack says:

    Hope your dog is all right. Mine when through similar problems a few years back.

    • Aroduc says:

      They’re just lipomas. She’s had one taken off her shoulder before already. Comes with being a fat middle-aged girl dog. She just had a couple on her chest which can potentially be dangerous since they sleep on it and that presses them into the subcutaneous layer which prevents them from being safely surgically removed. If there were issues (or if they weren’t lipomas), you have to get them right away there. But it’s a non-issue. *shrug*

  • sage says:

    I find it sort of amusing that most of the comments here are about your dog and not about the show. I liked this episode a lot.

    Oh, right. Hope your dog’s alright.

  • Anise_Punter says:

    Could have done without the Haruna and Aikawa fanservice but otherwise an enjoyable first ep that was definitely on the demented side.

  • The Phantom says:

    This was completely random and all over the place, a zombie? a high school boy? cant stand the sunlight? looking for his murderer? Magical boy transformation? A giant lobster?, also the “Necromancer” reminds me too much of Lenneth to be mere concidence.

    It was still amusing and some jokes were good so I am following it so long the jokes are decent.

  • Ninja Penguin says:

    Of all the new shows I’ve seen so far, this made me laugh the hardest. Some jokes missed the mark but a lot hit.

    If the rest of the show can keep up the pace then it’s a definite on my watch list.

  • EXM says:

    The insanity of the cast is pretty fun. I disagree when you say it missed its mark more often than not, but I can see where you’re coming from depending on your appreciation for Ayumu’s tsukkomi role. Overall, I enjoyed the show, and the chemistry of the cast is pretty dead on imo. At the very least, I liked it more than YumeKui which was bland as hell.

  • Yue says:


    MY ARMPITS ARE NOW ICKY SWEATY… oh, and my jaw aches from restrained laughter.

  • Rewriter says:

    Wow, he has a Dyson Fan. I always wanted a Dyson fan.