Wandering Son #01 — Children of the Corn

January 13th, 2011


I’m far more creeped out by this than I should be.


Yawn. This is a noitaminA plot to completely put me under, isn’t it? Much of this is also a disembodied voice over the tinkling keys of a piano, because it’s a simple, down-to-earth, yada yada can barely keep my eyes open. At least unlike Fractale, this has a much better idea of what it is and how it wants to present itself. Consistency and focus are all too-often overlooked virtues. The artistic style is also… well… it’s there. I can’t say that they really do much interesting with it, but as far as furthering the theme of dysphoria by making everybody look rather similar, I guess it succeeds. Given anime’s track record though, I’d imagine that’s more of a happy accident than something done by design. On the other hand, the art also terrifies me. It’s those eyes… they have reflections in them… but they never move… Those empty… soulless eyes… staring into my soul… trying to… take my precious… bodily fluids…


Anyway, it’s hard to really get too worked up about a show this unambitious. I barely even feel like making fun of all the shots of the tops of people’s heads. What’s the point? It feels like after deciding on the artistic style, all creativity for this ran out and the rest was just completely by-the-books. The important take-away message here is probably that there is absolutely no surprise with this one. It was packaged as angsty teen melodrama about gender dysphoria and that’s exactly what you get. If nothing about that sets your loins ablaze, then there’s absolutely nothing to see here. In fact, it’s better if you don’t look. I think they might be possessed and I hear that eye contact lets them eat your dreams.

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10 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • sage says:

    I warned you about the fags bro!

    I told you dawg!

  • The Deviant says:

    I saw only the previews and knew it was a Boring FAIL.

  • Anonymous says:

    Speaking of the tops of peoples’ heads, what’s with that white stuff covering everyone’s noggin? It looks like it snowed and people didn’t feel like brushing it off their hair.

  • Mesousa says:

    AIC, stop it. Just, stop it.

    Your shows have nice animation, but you just get wasted for doing crap.

  • The Deviant says:

    Everyone’s heads seem waaay too shiny in every scene. Even when it doesn’t need to be. This anime is just too bright looking. Even the night Segment.. lol

  • Joule says:

    The anime original bit certainly made it feel more melodramatic than the source. Still don’t know how it’ll turn out by skipping a few volumes of the initial material.

    I quite enjoyed it though.

  • ewan says:

    He ain’t gay, he’s just bicurious.
    Wait, till he reaches highschool…

    But man, people in this anime has a ton of dandruff!

  • Sophism says:

    The manga is one of the most touching things I’ve read in a long while. It’s kind of a bummer that they decided to skip through so much, bypassing a lot of the slow build as we got to know the characters.

    Then again, while it would be better at easing people into the setting, the pacing would be absolutely glacial. In my opinion, they have so far managed to make talking heads interesting enough without absurd amounts of exposition, although at the expense of some coherency.

    As for the style, it’s just mimicking the manga-ka’s own. It’s impressive how close they got. Personally, I love the watercolor-ish, dream-like hazy look.

    If you’re about to write this off because of the theme, I’d urge you to at least try to take it seriously. Gender dysphoria is a serious and uncomfortable subject, and I think Hourou Musuko handles it elegantly, constructing an enjoyable web of character relationships instead of just preaching about transgenderism.

    It’s not everyone’s cup of tea, and while there’s plenty of more action-packed series this season, I consider most of them to be pedestrian and utterly forgettable. I’m willing to sit through a slower anime if I get to avoid the retarded fan-service, archetypal casts and check-listed plot points.

    • mika-chan says:

      I’m not into this kind of melodrama show, but i agree completely with you, they do a great job considering the argoument.

    • Anonymous says:

      Some argue that your opinion is worth shit but seeing how this season’s so-called “action packed” shows are all about moe shit & T&A fuck, I guess watching this faggot show is waaaaaaaay better than staring like a horny dog in heat (or is it “chauvinistic male pigs in heat”?) at “pantsu”. Fuck, even the most decent action show with at least a capable, non-whiny male (who actually looks like a male) named Wolverine is full of cliche & boring pick-up lines like “I wannuh c yo smiru”. I just can’t wait til that anime ban goes into effect and see what those horny ronery japs are gonna do when they won’t be able to sell (& FAP to) underage girls’ p***y…