The Nanoha StrikerS Character Lexicon

June 16th, 2007

This is as much for my benefit as it is for anybody else’s. We’re not quite up to Mai HiME levels of mob clusterfuck, but it’s sure approaching.

— Up to current with the end of episode 18. —

The Commanders

Chrono Hallaown
Admiral in the Time-Space Administration Bureau. One of the few people who can release Hayate’s limiters. Married Amy and fathered twins at some point. Staff Device: S2U. Spear Device: Durandal.
Hayate Yagami
Commander of Riot and Response Division 6, the true purpose of which is to handle the crisis foretold by one of Carim’s prophecies.. Owner of the Book of the Night Sky. One of the last users of Belka style magic.

The Subcommanders

Nanoha Takamichi
The titular (heh… titular…) character. Needs no introduction. Combat Instructor. Staff Device: Raising Heart. Callsign: Stars 1.
Fate Testarossa-Hallaown
Artificial human created to hunt down the Jewel Seeds long long ago. Adopted into Chrono’s family. Has a girlcrush on Nanoha. Ax Device: Bardiche. Callsign: Lightning 1.
One of Hayate’s personal knights, the Volkenritter. The eternal loli. Has a girlcrush on Hayate and Nanoha. Hammer Device: Graf Eisen. Callsign: Stars 2.
One of the Volkenritter. Firm believer that bad children should get the fist. Sword Device: Levantine. Callsign: Lightning 2.
You guessed it, another Volkenritter. One of the last two furballs to remain in the show.
Reinforce Zwei
Embodiment of the core program of the Book of the Night Sky. Unison Belka device like Agito. Has been known to wrestle grizzly bears.

The Cadets

Subaru Nakajima
Explosive mini-mecha. Doesn’t mind straddling other girls in their sleep. Type-Zero Android. Gauntlet Device: Mach Calibur. Callsign: Stars 3.
Teana Lanster
Token twintail tsundere illusionist. Chest size is in constant flux. Gun Device: Cross Mirage. Callsign: Stars 4.
Erio Mondial
Fate’s adopted son. An artificial human created to replace the dead son of a rich family. Has a patented loli-detecting radar. Spear Device: Strada. Callsign Lightning 3.
Caro Ru Lushe
Exiled dragon summoner. Commands Friedrich the white dragon. Can sense other nearby summoning magic. Doesn’t mind being groped. Cock goes where? Glove Device: Kerykeon. Callsign: Lightning 4.

Riot Division 6 Support

The last of Hayate’s Volkenritter. Head of Riot 6’s trauma department. Prone to stealing pants. Ring Device: Klarwind.
Shari Finieno
General administrative duties and Nanoha’s adjutant. Dated a mime through college.
Griffith Lowran
Hayate’s personal adjutant. Moonlights at Chippendales.
Vice Granscenic
Ace pilot of the Helicopter Device Storm Raider. Ex-Elite Sniper who accidently shot a child on a mission. Trying to work his way into Variable-Breast-Size-Teana’s bed.

Others Related to the TSAB

Yuuno Scrya
Librarian of the Infinite Library. Nanoha’s old flame. Also… a ferret.
Verossa Acous
Another one of the Belka mages. Hayate’s boytoy and one of her bosses. Voted Nader in 2000.
Carim Gracia
Church oracle. The final of the Belka mages. Has the power of prophecy. Card carrying Shriner.
One of Carim’s underlings. Wields a Tonfa device. Probably having a tawdry affair with Signum.
Ginga Nakajima
Subaru’s older sister. Veteran investigator for the TSAB. Temporarily joined Riot-6, but was captured by the Numbers. Type-Zero android. Closet fan of Metallica. Gauntlet Device: Blitz Calibur.
Regius Gaiz
General in the TSAB. Suspicious/jealous of Riot 6 due to the number of extremely powerful mages. Heavily invested in the army’s Einherjar project. Has a past with Zest. Needs a new secretary that doesn’t grin evilly at the camera after every single scene.

Lutecia’s Knights

Insect Summoner. In search of the Relics. Can summon small insects which strengthen other objects as well as Garyu, a man sized combat-bug-thing. Trying to revive her mother. Glove Device: Asclepius
Lutecia’s guardian knight. Can combine with Agito at the cost of his life. Subsists solely on Chinese takeout and pizza.
Taciturn robot bug thing. Extremely fast and relatively powerful.
Tiny angry Etna clone. Belka unison device like Rein. Doomed to be hit with a copyright violation. In show just to give Rein a rival.

Scaglietti’s Numbers

Jail Scaglietti
Creator of the Gadget Drones. Trying to track down the Jewel Seeds/Relics to infuse them into humans. Has an entire lab full of artificial humans numbered in Italian, all sharing VAs with other cast members… HINT HINT. Probably insane.
Euno (I)
Jail’s personal secretary. Doesn’t really do much other than communications.
Tre (III)
Super fast. Has an ass the size of Io.
Quattro (IV)
General mage. Can fly, has illusion magic and can control electrons, letting her manipulate illusions and technological devices.
Cinque (V)
Uses exploding throwing knives. Not afraid to take on crazed Subaru one on one.
Sein (VI)
Can phase through objects using Deep Diver. The rebel number not named in Italian. Was Shadowcat in a former life.
Sette (VII)
Uses a curved blade weapon. Probably a closet Star Trek fan and wants to be a klingon.
Otto (VIII)
Generalized mage(?) Has been seen to use binds and magical beam attacks (Ray Storm).
Nove (IX)
Redheaded and cranky. Uses gauntlets/rollerblades like Subaru and Ginga. Probably eats paste.
Dieci (X)
Wields a giant beam cannon capable of extremely high powered shots. No other combat abilities shown.
Wendi (XI)
Has a flying surfboard/arm cannon. Generally pretty cheerful for being an artificial human out to destroy civilization.
Deed (XII)
Uses a pair of lightsaberish blades to attack. Hasn’t done anything really but beat on the furball and Erio.


Heterochromatic little mute. Scaglietti believes that she’s the Holy Emperor’s vessel. Discovered leaving sewer by Erio’s loli-radar. Is a parasite attached to Nanoha.

There we are. Hopefully they won’t throw another 4 new characters at me tomorrow. :shakes fist: Ah well. I’ll do my best to keep this up to date and add Sein, Dieci, Euno, Schach, and cranky general whats-his-face in a few days. If you have any corrections to make or things you think should be added, just leave a comment. My Japanese is decent, but it’s nowhere near infallible.

All up to date as of episode 13. Hooray! Only person missing who has had more than about 15 seconds of screen time is Euno, but she really hasn’t done anything yet, so bah! Still four more numbers to go (Due, Cinque (hearing that one pronounced should be funny), Sei and Otto),  but I think that will finally be Critical Nanoha Mass and we can start detonating some villains.

Up to date through 18. Only one Number left, thank the stars. My money’s on Regius’ secretary.

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  • EarthFairys says:

    the character list? wow! cool! i didn’t know there were so many! anyway, if this is the character list from the manga, i am sure Lutecia will be considered as an unknown. the characters did not know who or what she was in the manga. she was also using a magic square instead of a magic circle or triangle. however, it is believed to be a spell circle (or square)instead of it being her very own magic square. Caro has magic circles but has magic squares when she does a spell. anyway, the manga reffers to Lutecia as a “Mysterious Girl” (or “Myster Girl”. I forgot… X3).

  • EarthFairys says:

    sorry, it was “Mystery Girl”. i went to check. and also, she has a weird mark on her forehead…

  • EarthFairys says:

    and also, i just found out that she has a belka based magic, so she should be having magic triangles. caro is a mid-childa based magic so she has magic circles. anyway, even though their devices looks alike, their magic are quite different. sorry about posting so many comments just to say something like this…

  • Chaos2Frozen says:

    “There we are. Hopefully they won’t throw another 4 new characters at me tomorrow.”

    Heheh… Make that 5 ^^;;

    A somw opinions:

    1 – You might as well chalk Zafira down with the other ‘Support Staff’… But even then it’s an overstatement. ^^;;

    2 – I think Carim could be place under “The commanders” since she does have some control over the division.

  • melange says:

    What about putting in Hayate’s callsign? “Long Arch 0”

  • Fencedude says:

    blah blah nitpicky things:

    Technically, only the rollerblades for Subaru and Ginga are Mach/Blitz Caliber, the Revolver Knuckles are seperate devices.

    Also, its Sei (six), not Sein. The introduction of Sette made that clear.

    Anyway, I find your comments amusing, and am interested in hearing what you have to say about the rest of the numbers.

  • longhaul says:

    could add hayate’s other device names, also reinforce’s and schach’s

    danna danna danna

  • AGear says:

    Sei and Sette have switched their number, I look in the official page of Nanoha Strikers and Sei(VI) is six, and Sette(VII) is seven.

  • Aroduc says:

    Damn, thought I had fixed that. Thanks. The sketchbook also gives all the official romanizations, so those should be right now too.

  • Benny1 says:

    Geez, you’re missing the most important character: Mach Caliber. Seriously, Subaru’s device had a freaking EPIPHANY in episode 23.

  • Rancy says:

    Awesome page =D

  • mln says:


    If Yuuno’s there, what about the two seconds of Arf?


  • kane says:

    Deed was The Countepart of grievous

  • sakura 1412 says:

    vita , carim , vivio , griffith lowran wonderful