Inukami! The Movie — The Naked Lord Returns

September 26th, 2007


Fear the Naked Lord.


Well, first off, I’m immensely disappointed that this was only a 24 minute ‘episode’ as it were. Some of the things shown within were exactly what I expect out of Inukami though. The male Nanoha running around in panties is only the start of the naked crimes against taste that makes it so enjoyable. Definitely a fun addition to the series. Hopefully it’ll get its conclusion some day. They certainly went all out with the animation for this one, and even gave us a nice drunken lingerie party of Kaoru’s inukami to boot. It was fun, but mostly it just makes me miss Inukami all the more. Bring back my beefcakes, 7Arcs. Make Inukami into as much a headliner as Nanoha. Just… please please don’t make a Manoha spinoff.

It’s a dark and stormy night. All of the cast are gathered for a funeral… Karina’s. Everybody… except Keita and Yoko. Keita is running through the rain while hazmat vans deploy. Yoko is also flying around looking for him. The hazmat teams… Project K… set up a blockade on Keita’s old bridge.

At some family’s house, some kid is getting ready for dinner. This is apparently the last you’ll see of this family for the whole movie.

Keita keeps running, at this point, it’s clear the hazmat teams are chasing him.

At some… past time… everybody is having a party in Keita’s room to celebrate Keita and Yoko killing some monster and saving a bunch of frogs. The frogs gave him a giant stone statue as a reward which is now sitting in the town.

Poor Karina is just sitting there and not part of the party. He gets up to leave, but Keita stops him.

When Keita looks back, half of Kaoru’s inukami are totally sloshed, in their underwear and ready to party. A few aren’t, but Yoko strips and the naked ones get to work on stripping the ones still clothed. Keita throws off his clothes and leaps into the fray. Karina has had enough after being kicked in the head by the naked party and gets ready to leave. All the drunkards chant ‘pervert’ at him until he runs off, leaving them to have their naked orgy alone.

The next day, Karina was found in Keita’s old hovel spot, apparently dead and with his pants around his ankles. Flashback over, Yoko homes in on Keita and hugs him. She tells him that she knows he didn’t do it, she’s his inukami after all.

Back at the funeral home, the other inukami contemplate what happened and think that there was something strange about Karina’s death. The fortune teller one even pulls out a Death Note. We continue through other theories, including yaoi gone bad, but none of them have a clue.

Suddenly, Kaoru and Nadesico come running in. Wait… Kaoru? Apparently this takes place before the end of the series. Alright. *shrug* He says that they need to find Keita -now-.

In the town, all the perverts are being chased around and arrested by Project K. Of note are the male Haruhi cosplayers (there’s a Mikuru in the background of one scene too) and the male Nanoha in panties. *shudder* The underwear thief thinks he’s escaped, but is surrounded by Project K. He manages to run off, but gets cornered again and beaten until a voice yells out for them to stop.

A man walks out under an umbrella and then does his magical girl elephant butt-floss transforming sequence into the bondage guy. He then hops over to his fallen comrade where he also gets beaten on. Keita and Yoko watch this, but are spotted and chased into the street and surrounded.

He demands to know why they’re attacking people. They open fire on him. Keita and Yoko fight back and the master peeper shows up to lead them to safety.

All the perverts have gathered in a mansion somewhere. Keita is a bit annoyed at being grouped with them, but seeing all the big strapping crying men, he relents.

Kaoru is looking over a very yaoiesque picture of Karina over his grave. He wonders if the house that Karina was carrying might have something to do with what happened.

At Pervert HQ, Project K has found them and is attacking. They urge Keita to escape to carry on the fight later. They’ll fight Project K now.

The next morning, Karina’s coffin is being taken out to be brought to have his body cremated.

Keita and Yoko are hiding in the woods, wondering what to do. In town, Project K is finishing rounding up all the perverts. They announce that the core of the rebellion has been caught and what-have-you. The S&M freak is looking forward to the punishment, but Project K is going to rehabilitate them.

A call is cut off from one of Project K’s tertiary units. They’ve been attacked and the aggressors are on their way into town. Keita and Yoko are walking up to them, Keita giving a speech about the freedom to behave as you please and then throws off all his clothes to show a shiny metal elephant, announcing himself as Kawahira Keita, the Naked Lord.

His elephant roars. That’s not a metaphor for anything.

He tells them to prepare to be punished… but Yoko’s already trying to slip away, saying that Keita looks as much a pervert as the rest. He grabs her and forces a ball gag into her mouth, saying that now she’s as much of a pervert as him.

The head of Project K comes up and says that he hates all perverts and throws off his mask revealing… Karina… to the surprise of nobody. Karina then breaks into song about how evil perverts are and how he can’t forgive the people that call him perverts… and so he founded Project K.

At the end of the song, Kaoru and the rest show up. Yoko gets ready to fry Karina, but Keita stops her and declares that this Karina is a fake. He says that that may be true. As he was running from the party, the house in his hands sucked out part of him and created this White Karina.

Kaoru sends two of the inukami to go stop the cremation of the real Karina, but Project K members block them and attack using Karina’s angel blade. The house has taken Karina and produced a giant army of clones of him… forming Project K. The head white Karina orders the rest to attack and they leap into battle.

Yoko tries to cook them, but they block with a ton of their angel blades and basically just swarm all over the inukami. Kaoru uses his wind to blow some away, but more swarm after him. They start cutting at the twins clothing.

The head Karina calls them back and then orders them to show the full power of the White Karinas. They all start combining together and form a giant robo Karina out of all the lesser Karinas. It tries to crush Keita and Yoko, but they run off.

Kaoru’s inukamis try to attack it, but it opens a hole in itself and lets the shot go through. Keita reaches for his frogs… forgetting that he was naked, and takes a punch from Mecha Karina in the distraction. Keita finally figures out how to beat it when Yoko says how big it is. He asks the other inukami for their help.

The mecha Karina is attacking again, but Keita says this fight isn’t over.

It rushes at them, but here come Kaoru’s inukami, carrying the giant frog from the start of the episode. They drop it and Keita charges it and then slams it into Karina. Now armed, Keita leaps on it and orders it to keep attacking. It knocks mecha Karina over and then he goes for the finishing blow, exploding it in mecha Karina’s face and reverting all the clones to the weird little squid critters.

All the perverts are released and chanting “Naked Lord” at Keita as they run up.

The two inukami make it back to the funeral home… but too late. Karina’s already in the cremator. From inside the incinerator, Karina starts yelling and busts out to everybody’s surprise.

Yoko and the others wait and then naked Karina comes running up. Keita is relieved to see him and the two naked men hug. The girls and Kaoru look on… some sketching at the yaoiness, others averting their eyes. Karina and Keita yell out that they’re not perverts as we go to an alternate ED.

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  • Syaoran Li says:

    Pure Gold guys

  • Totali says:

    This movie was so lol. Thanks for letting me watch it Aroduc. I love you man (not in a yaoi way or anything….you know, like this movie)

  • Rentington says:

    Awesome. The return of one of the most emasculating relationships in Anime.