Battle Moon Wars Translation — Journey’s (Temporary) End

July 15th, 2008

So close to being temporarily finished, I can temporarily taste it.





Check for current patch updates covering Act 4.

Just drop all the files into the Battle Moon Wars directory and run the graphical patch. Voila! Or if you’ve already installed any previous English patch from me, you just need the other files. It’s still slow/memory intensive, so give it a minute or two. Especially once it tries to load data8 (400mb) into memory, it’ll probably look like it stalled out for a moment. Also be aware that I’ll be updating it as people find typos/poor wording in the last few stages (just released this morning), so if it’s not a 24.5 mb file, that means you tried to grab it in the middle of an update.

Thrill at a Magical Girl Showdown of epic proportions!
Chill at the creepy Takumi x Ilya x Berserker love triangle!
Gawk at Sakura dressed in nothing but a curtain!


What is Left Undone:

  • Translation Checking. Still looking for someone to do that, sadly enough, but I’m mostly confident in it. Except for annoying Zouken’s anitiquated old-man speak.
  • The exe needs to be rehacked. Werk released a new patch which fixed a memory leak and a BGM bug, but until recently, I couldn’t find anybody to work on that. Now I’ve got someone again so hopefully that’ll be fixed sooner or later. It’s a technical issue though, not a translation issue.


 Things That Could Be Made Better:

  • Battle quotes could use some polishing. They were the very first things I did before I had settled into the style I’d use and I haven’t really touched or looked at them in at least a month or two.
  • Scattered typos/minor editing. Mostly in the last few stages which have been out the shortest amount of time (ie, since this morning.) But I opened up stage 20 looking for something and found a missing space so… I’m not willing to call the script finalized yet, regardless of translation checking. It’s pretty much there though.
  • Werk lies to the player or makes incomprehensible design decisions a few times. For example, it says that Kaleido Ruby is unlocked and gives instructions on how to use her, then doesn’t allow you to use her for the next stage (only applicable for Takumi’s path). I’d like to correct and enhance dumb things like that, but at that point, it’s not the same as the original, so I’ll release that as a seperate set of thingies in probably a few days to a week depending on how much I feel like adding/changing. Very little will be actual gameplay related (the Kaleido Ruby ‘bug’ is the only thing I can think of that is), so *shrug*.


If you’d like to help or report typos, or harangue other people about how Ciel is totally the least appreciated character, swing by the miniforums I’ve set up. They’re also where I’ll be posting minor changes and whatnot, though I will make a real post here when I finish putting together what sort of passed for my devkit as I worked on this in case I’m killed by Werk or something.

Battle Moon Wars Act 4 is due out at some point in the relatively near future. About two weeks ago, Werk made a blog post saying they were about 85% done. They’ll be selling an ‘early version’ at Comiket. Whether that’s a demo or a massively bug laden and unfinished version, I have no idea. If you manage to make it there, ¥500 (just under $5) for a copy of it is a steal at twice the price.

I’ll keep tweaking what’s here and probably try to blitz through the demo that they’ll undoubtedly release, but I’m glad this long and relatively lonely journey has finally reached its temporary end. Sure, I got sidetracked by real life for a month or so, but it all more or less came together in the end. Who says you can’t be a one man translation team? Not me!


Special thanks do go to the people mentioned previously, and to Selkirk, TakaJun, Hinatanko and AlphaUltima for letting me bounce random lines that confused me off of them and DominicanZero gets special mention for catching a boatload of typos that the rest of you slackers did not and for doing the config.exe hacking (and he promises to do the bmw.exe hacking too).

Now, I think I need a nap. Or maybe eight. Wake me up when Comiket’s here.

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28 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Fire Candy says:


    I was wondering if you did a blog for World Destruction ~Sekai Bokumetsu no Rokunin~, UltraViolet: Code 044, Yakushiji Ryouko no Kaiki Jikenbo, Natsume Yuujin-Chou, MISSION-E, Koihime†Musou and Mugen no Juunin (Blade of the Immortal). I’m asking because i’m new here i don’t really know about this site as well as everyone else does. =(

  • Anonymous says:

    He’s done a blog post for the first episodes of all the new series this season. Just click the bar at the top that says “summer anime”.

    Thanks again Aroduc for putting together a translation for this neat little game. I’m hoping everything carries through and you are able to work on Act 4 in the future as well.

  • athos says:

    sir, you are a beast. thank you so much for the translation of this game.

  • Aroduc says:

    Fire Candy>

    I’m not overly interested in following any of those except Mission-E. I suggest you prod at Totali’s, Hinano’s, or Omni’s blogs for them.

  • namelessLoli says:

    Oh shit, DominicanZero is helping out? I feel almost accomplished that I was one of the few that introduced him to BMW.

    Btw, once I get my computer back up and running (which should be before the end of the month), I’ll be making a forum account and helping with proofreading everything. I used to have to do that sort of thing when I was bug testing for game mods.

  • Fire Candy says:


    But where can i read the blog for the anime and click on the picture and make it bigger. It would be a great help if you can help me out. =)

  • Rude says:

    Lol at “Der Spiegelform wird fertig zum Transport”

    Grammaticily wrong, but it’s not, that it is bothering me, since I already saw how Rin speaks wrong German…

    “Das Schließen, Vogelkäfig Echo” was…. epic.

    So, yeah. Good work on it! You’re awesome!

  • TeaDoll says:

    Thanks so very much for translating this. I’ve been playing it all day… Haha, I’m so lame.

    I don’t know if someone told you already, but Takumi wound up with 550 SP. I’m pretty sure that’s not right :/

    Not that I haven’t often wished for a character with 550 SP :P

  • Aroduc says:

    I had to test something in the middle of it and my test variable got mixed it. It’s fixed now

  • Edom says:

    Awesome job! Thank you oh so very much!

  • Tyrael says:

    wow! nice job, hope they port it to the psp. like tsukihime

  • Fuyu2005 says:

    well , can i help u about the edit of battle quotes ?

    because some of them sound … er …. not cool i think and not suit for the characters too ^^

    i’m fan of SRW and TM and when both of this combine = great ^^

  • AhKi says:

    I don’t think it’s a problem with the patch but rather, something with my PC running it.
    When there’s dialogue, the english will run off the text box and disappear so I can’t read half of it.
    Can you maybe point me where to look for the problem?
    Not to be a spoil sport, of course! I love the patch, and all the obvious hard work you put into it so thanks~

  • Aroduc says:

    That happens if you don’t have the proper Japanese fonts installed. It’s trying to use a variable width font in a fixed width text box.

  • Ilovewhitehairedlolis says:

    Is the English patch that includes Act 4 out yet?

  • MuzikalNotes says:

    Not yet, but don’t you worry. Knowing Aroduc, he’ll probably finish it this weekend or so.

  • Aroduc says:

    Act 4 was released all of about 3 days ago. I should be able to have a basic patch translating most of the battle stuff (though anything handled by the exe is going to revert), but not counting that, there’s about 1 mb of story text. That’s going to probably take at least a month, absolute minimum to churn through.

  • BlazeGamma says:

    ah sweet. I’ll be looking forward to having the rest of this awesome translated into english.

    i played one stage of act 4 and i lol’d at that one buff looking guy who has an uppercut atk. srs face is srs.

  • namelessLoli: wait, what? Since my hard drive crashed with my original install of the game, I can’t check for sure, but you say you’re one of the people who introduced me to BMW? Where do I know you from? >_> Now I’m intrigued to find out who you are and how exactly I got hold of this game. >_>

  • jordan93 says:

    Aroduc Edit:

  • anonymous says:

    I downloaded the lasted translation patch above but when I finish the 3rd Act, I cant get to play Act 4 even though I have it installed. Can someone tell me if this is due to the pactch or something else?

  • Aroduc says:

    Yes, it is. There was a patch for the battle stuff in Act 4, but it’s kind of on hold while Werk sorts out the dozen or so bugs still left after 6 patches released in the past 10 days. for more info.

  • anonymous says:

    Thanks for the quick reply. But do you mind giving me suggestions on what can I do to fix it. I read the posts in the forum but I am not really sure about the problem.

  • Aroduc says:

    Download Werk’s official patches.

  • anonymous says:

    Sorry for my lasted comment. I re-read the posts and found the asnwer but I still have one question. Once Werk finishes up releasing the lasted patch, do I have to re-download the game files for Act4 or just installing the upcoming translation patch would do?

  • Aroduc says:

    Upcoming translation patch.

  • AvengerIII says:

    I downloaded all the pacthes from Werk’s webpage for Act 4 and placed them in the BWM folder before activating the last english patch. However, when I open my load file and click next stage, Act 4 does not load. Can someone tell me what could be problem?

  • Aroduc says:

    You installed Act 4 files, and then overwrote them with Act 3 files.

    I’m locking the comments for this post now since this patch is out of date, isn’t meant to work with Act 4, and… surprise surprise… it doesn’t. Ask all questions at
    So somebody other than myself can answer them for the umpteenth time.