Birdy the Mighty: DECODE #14 — Love Love Show

January 9th, 2009


Oh hell no. Hell, no.


This was pretty much a microcosm of just about everything I despised about the first series. No action, frequently hideous art, stuttering animation that made it look like characters were having a seizure while they were engaged in the most mundane of activities… like talking, and Senkawa took sucking to a whole new level. This sequence seriously happened:

Senkawa: "Better change to me."
Birdy: –changes–
Senkawa: –gets run over–

I can’t even get excited about the new villains either. They’ve already killed one of them after spending about 5 minutes setting up how badass they are, and another one gets its head punched off in the next episode preview. I’m glad that about 20% of this season has already been spent on two dead characters. Add to this multiple men from Birdy’s past and a very flashback heavy OP and honestly, the probably insane white haired guy is about the only interesting thing about this episode. Given that he barely appears in the OP though, I’m already putting even money on him being Birdy’s long lost childhood friend. That way, we can have a complete rehash of the first season. Even if he’s not, some kind of relationship triangle between her, Senkawa, and him already makes me wretch a little bit.

I really don’t think I could survive another season of this after how terrible the first one got. I may check out the next episode or I may not depending on my mood. There’s not a ton else on Fridays, but my schedule’s looking pretty full otherwise, so I could probably use a day off. I guess we’ll see… but don’t hold your breath.

Opening Sequence


Another one bites the dust.

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  • kearsie says:

    shitsux, i still like the OVAs

  • Totali says:

    I hate you.