Chrome Shelled Regios #01 — RPG Anime

January 10th, 2009


I would buy this RPG in a breath.

New Season Disclaimer:

I’ll make a post for almost all new series (barring sequels) with a wrap-up and bullet point opinion of each once the premier week is over. Remember that these are just my kneejerk reactions to the first 20 minutes of shows, many of which in genres that I don’t even particularly like, but I do believe in giving every new series at least an episode to at least try and hook me.


Absolutely delightful opening episode. Who knew… an action show that contained a significant amount of action. It’s a bloody miracle! About 8 minutes of this episode was spent on two different fight scenes, one between a squadron of manly men fighting against a giant insect (and its CG potatobugs), and we also got another minute or so of random students brawling for Layfon to break up. I’ll admit that they certainly weren’t the most amazing fight scenes that I’ve ever seen, but they were above average and didn’t abuse any stills or other particularly lazy cost cutting measures, so I’m pleased. I’ll take 8 minutes of constant fighting to 60 seconds of excellent fighting coupled with 7 minutes of angsting any day of the week.

What I really really loved about this episode though, was the scoring. Except for Mifi’s theme, the music was all excellent. A little heavy on the trance/techno side, but it gets the blood pumping during the fight scenes very effectively and keeps them driving forward. The theme playing while Layfon was being… er… welcomed to the academy by the headmaster was straight out of Chrono Trigger’s Zeal, which I consider a good thing. Production values in general were very good, though certainly not amazing. The giant acidic CG potato bugs made me chuckle, as did the CG desert, but otherwise, very well done.

I’m not really sure where to come down on the characters yet. I was very happy with Layfon’s kiss to his girlfriend at the end of the opening sequence, and the taciturn loli getting pissed off and kicking the crap out of some pipe thingy and then screaming into it. She’s already got more of a personality than every other generic taciturn loli out there. The photographer’s group doesn’t interest me overly much, and I imagine they’re just there to provide exposition on various things. This episode was pretty light on that, so I imagine we’ve got a lot coming. Doesn’t look like it’ll be next episode though, as the preview was almost 100% action, even if it did appear to just be the students fighting each other. Layfon also seems to have the general personality of mildew, but hopefully he’ll step it up once his woman gets into whatever trouble that she’ll get herself into.

So in short, I’m so on board for this. RPGesque action show full of action? Please. Please. This was easily the strongest all-around first episode thus far in my mind, and regardless, Saturdays are strangely light this season aside from ZKC. I doubt it’s going to get too much deeper than "kill bugs, save world," but you know… there’s nothing wrong with that at all.

Second FightScene (More to Demo the Music)



Training with the rest of the academy.

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21 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Omisyth says:

    Holy hell, a show you completely like from the get go!? Happens once in a ZKC.

  • Genjitsu says:

    I must be reading the wrong blog, what is this enthusiastic optimism I see in this article?!

    (Have to say though, my interest in this show HAS gone up dramatically now)

  • Aroduc says:


    And Pengy, Mushi Uta, Macademi, Night Wizard, Mission-E, Shigofumi, etc. It’s been known to happen on occasion.

    These last two seasons have just just had a slew of awful opening episodes for some reason.

  • ximpa says:

    I actually think the opposite: I think it sucked, I found the music unlistenable and there were too many characters (that will surely lead to issues). Also the direction got kind of confusing in some scenes, and the fight scene with the giant bug thingy was too long, I got bored halfway 8P

  • kearsie says:

    wait wait wait, Aroduc liked Night Wizard, Mushiuta, and Shigofumi!?

    FUCK YEAH <:D And I thought you would always be the grumpy critic that never says a show is good

  • setrajonas says:

    The music in that video reminds me a lot of the battle music in the F/SN visual novel actually. The repeated three-note rising motif is probably what does it.

  • rhyme says:

    So much enthusiasm
    I-I’m scared…D:

  • Rawr says:

    I’m surprised you didn’t nitpic at the horrible battle bgm :p Funny what bias does for a person.

  • Aroduc says:

    Bias towards what exactly? I haven’t read the novels nor seen a page of the manga. I thought the BGM was very simple but fitting for the presentation and content… and I said as much.

  • Furuba says:

    I really thought i was on the wrong blog for a sec too o_o so positive and so enthusiastic lol, but its done its’ job. its perked my interest. now i shall wait for teh subborz

  • Yue says:

    I do hope the series doesn’t decay overtime. Start strong and the only way to go is raise the bar again in succeeding episodes. That would truly require effort. ^o^

  • Neural_Being says:

    Is that a relative of Zangetsu (BLEACH) I see there?

  • Hibiki says:

    Its like watching Mana Khemia in a different setting. I’ll be interested to play the game if there’s one

  • Honoo says:

    “I would buy this RPG in a breath.”

    Yeah… this anime looked like something that was from an RPG – until you realize what the originals of CSR were *hint hint*.

    But yeah a game of this would be delighting (and if it’s gonna be in any console, will make me desperate for that certain console to death).

    … Wait, what am I talking about – if there’s a game for this of course it’d be IN A CONSOLE! (Which will drive me to despair because of the absolute inability for me to buy consoles of any sort.)

  • Lori says:

    This is my first time reading this blog. I was just searching around for anime blogs on this anime in particular. I just wanted to say I’m glad others are loving the music. It’s by Asakura Daisuke, one of my favorite trance/electronic composers of today. I decided to try out this anime because I learned about him composing the music. Turns out that hey, it’s really a pretty good anime, at least on first impressions.

  • yoki says:

    I think this anime is a mess

  • MrBaka says:

    :) Im just like Lori, i liked this anime so much i just started searching of places where ppl write what they think about this.

    Actually ive never wrote in a blog b4, but who cares.
    Anyway i really love this anime because ive just seen the second episode, and i think its better than the first, and the way its going it will just get better, the typical Very Cool/Strong guy Acting all weak and shit.
    What i like about this, is unlike many other anime of this type, He HAS controll over his str, i mean i know many other that just get strong spontaniously, or when in big preasure, unlike them the main guy here choses wheter to use his power or not.

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  • Scorch says:

    what is the name of the battle music?

  • Rexz says:

    i’ll tell u all, this anime is a super master extra S-ranked grade, i just finished watching this season 1 in a day ( from morning 6am till another morning 2am in youtube ) oh man i hoped that the season 2 will be coming soon ^_^

  • Anonymous says:

    this anime is fawken cool