Ride Back #01 — Mecha Tutu Roll Out

January 11th, 2009


Nowhere near as badass as Princess Tutu

New Season Disclaimer:

I’ll make a post for almost all new series (barring sequels) with a wrap-up and bullet point opinion of each once the premier week is over. Remember that these are just my kneejerk reactions to the first 20 minutes of shows, many of which in genres that I don’t even particularly like, but I do believe in giving every new series at least an episode to at least try and hook me.

I haven’t forgotten about ZKC, I just wanted to get this out of the way first.

Sorry for the rather LQ caps, there’s a lot to do today and I got tired of waiting.


Well, I’m not really a huge fan of mecha, CG, drama, or ballet, and this didn’t do anything to change my mind. They didn’t even get to the entire premise of the show until the last four minutes or so when some guy put a strange girl hiding from the rain on an experimental mechbike, which then went berserk. Great plan, dude. He must have amazing theft and liability insurance. Most of the rest was a lot of girls chattering and a lot of cherry petals. I did find it a little funny that they used some parallel writing between whose-her-face snapping her ankle while balleting (ballerina-ing?… dancing at any rate) and discovering the mecha-bike, but otherwise, I think I could have slept through the first 15 minutes of the show and missed absolutely nothing. That’s never something you want to be able to say.

Production values are all fine, easiy above average, though now that the mecha-bikes are around, I assume that they’ll crank up the CG. Nothing stellar or overly noteworthy though. Five minutes later and I don’t even remember the BGM at all, so apparently it did its job decently without being obtrusively present or absent. I liked a fair bit of the freestyle walking sequence with the mech-bike as it started, but it got pretty dull once they just started repeatedly crashing through roadblocks. I’m still not entirely certain where this is going, but it seems like they’re going to be racing the mechabikes. I’m sure the power of ballet will help her out somehow there.

At any rate, with mecha, racing, and ballet seeming to be its major themes, there’s very little that interests me about this show. If they concentrated more on the mecha and less on the torrent of cherry petals, I’m sure it’ll get a bit better and more interesting for the mecha crowd at least. My Sundays already have a ton of other things I’d rather watch, so regardless, this one’s out.

Opening Sequence


From rank amateur to professional racer apparently.

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6 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Omisyth says:

    At least there don’t seem to be as many GOODAM CHERRY BLOSSOMS as Mouryou.

  • sage says:

    Nowhere near as badass as Princess Tutu

    Well, it’s hard to be as badass as GUITAR NINJAS.

  • octoberasian says:

    This and Maria+Holic are the two new shows I’m watching this season.

    I actually enjoyed this show and I’m anxious for episode 2 now.

    That motorcyle-mecha is like something that was a merge of a motorbike, the Segway, and someone’s mecha-inspired imagination.

  • passer-by says:

    I wonder if something interesting (war perhaps?) happens, then this might be fun. *is remembering an anime whose name was unknown to me but was fun to watch*

  • Rawr says:

    I rather enjoyed this one, so lolz. The animation was definitely better than I had expected, especially with the cg being incorporated so seamlessly. The mecha racing ballet thingy was also done pretty nicely (of course, animation is probably the main reason for that). IMO, this is where all the budget is going to for Madhoues apparently, since ippo’s animation was godawful.

  • SOSAnimeBoy says:

    Wow, another person who thought Ippo season 2 animation was crappy. I really don’t like what they’ve done with the body proportions… everyone looks like they’re on a Miyata diet except for their heads, which look huge compared to their bodies.