January 12th, 2009



This is the fifth show I’ve watched today. And I have Casshern staring at me… taunting me. I think my mind is going.


Holy hell. I don’t even care about the first 13 episodes anymore. Naga! Freakin’ Naga! Okay, so she can’t remember anything, including her name (which she thinks is something like… Na~ma), come on… how can you look at that long hair, those shoulder spikes, the freeze arrows, the silhouette, and AHHHHHHAHAHAHAing and not realize that it’s Naga? Even Lina thinks that her voice sounds familiar. If it’s not Naga, then it’s one hell of a setup. The only thing that’s different is her voice,but there are any number of reasons it could have changed, aside from the soul transfer.

Any way, they’re all off once again on their quest, this time to find the soul transferring pot that Rezo used. Ozel is taking care of… shadow-ninja-guy-whose-name-escapes-me, who seems to be growing a new and especially vicious arm. There was quite a bit of recap this episode through the first half, but it went pretty quick and they got right onto the new quest for a pot, so no real complaints. As soon as Naga Nama showed up though, I swear… the first thing I said was "Oh god, it’s Sylphiel. Wait no, Naga." But then the joke came true and it really was, and they just kept building off of it right up to her spewing out freeze arrows in the fight against Lina.

Now this is how you cater to a Slayers fanboy, and even after Revolution was kind of disappointing, this one has already kicked off on an awesome foot and I can’t wait to see where it’s going.

Oh yeah, the OP is also chock full of classic villains. I have no problems with them reviving the greats at all.

Opening Sequence



Nama loses her head.

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9 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • octoberasian says:

    Hehe, think Aroduc needs to lay off the coffee and get some sleep. ~.^

    I’ve done marathon runs on animes before– watching up to 8 episodes in one sitting. x_x;

    Yeah, 5 should be good enough. :P

  • Kikaifan says:

    I hope that’s just symbolic of her past struggles or something. I can buy bringing back Rezo or Valgaav, but Phibrizo?

    Okay that’s a lie I guess I don’t really care since Phibrizo was the one element of the setting that was really bigger than the main characters and made things happen that they couldn’t shoot their way through.

  • sage says:

    I choked a bit on my coffee at this part.

    Awesome episode. Having Naga join the TV cast for the first time is simply awesome. Not that I really liked her that much, but having the furball still hanging around kinda made me miss the old charaAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHAHAHAHAHAHA!

  • Hinano says:

    Ugh..I am having 2nd thoughts about watching this now…=_=

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  • GenericSlayersfanboy says:

    Don’t listen to what that Hinano guy said, this episode was fucking awesome. Any Slayers fan who calls Naga a big breasted whore is a bit of a jerk, in my opinion.
    Plus, she’s a suit of armor! She CAN’T HAVE BREASTS ANYMORE!

  • rawr says:

    I’m pretty sure Hinano is a fangirl, not a fanboy. Fanboys don’t rage over well-endowed chars coming back, they’d scream hallelujah instead. That being said, Hinano seems to be taking Aroduc’s role as of late in terms of negativity :|

  • violet says:

    i hope something interesting happens in this new series. i LOVE slayers and it’s my fave of all times but.. i think that they have a lot of things to work on with the previous stories, it wasn’t necessary to create new main charactes with a past and a problem to solve. i want to know more about lina’s sister, and about xellos and zellas metallium, i want zel to turn into human at least for one ep! i hope that they discover who naga is now that she’s with them…
    and i don’t really like the new op nor ed, i’m used to more energetic songs :S

  • Bev says:

    I have a problem with them resurrecting villains that know…DEAD. With the exception of an adorable baby Valgaav, nobody should be coming back to life! I know that Rezo could have some interesting roles to play but for cryin’ out loud! I thought we were going to see some Dynast action or…something new. I thought TRY and Revolution were stupid. I mean…Zanafar? Seriously? And then Naga coming in to the main plot? What?! I could have settled for a new character and I just….ugh…I’m gonna cry when I see her drawn because aside from Lina and Zel, I think the other characters look horrible. Xellos was a HUGE let down and I was wondering why the hell he was even IN revolution other than fanservice. I think that’s all it’s gonna be. Lina, once again, kicking major ass and that’s it. I think if they are going to keep up the franchise, or at least try to keep the story going, we need some thicker and more dramatic plots.