Casshern SINS #21 — Circus of the Damned

February 22nd, 2009


Because nothing says dystopia quite like a circus.


I really have to wonder what goes on in the script writing rooms at Casshern central. "Okay, let’s have them rehash the last episode for 6 minutes… then… what if there’s a robot circus recapping the whole destruction thing as comedy. Hmm… needs a cliffhanger though… ah, have an evil robot army show up and the immortal guy can just let himself get beat up! Perfect! Print it!" It just reinforces my belief that the writers have lost all their facilities. In many ways, tossing a circus in is even worse than the dream episode. At least that was meant to be unreal. The circus was the kind of thing I expect from a French art film juxtaposed with a man smoking a hookah and standing on a beagle.

Not the most exciting episode even outside of the pretentious circus. Lots of "what’s up with this!?" angsting and even more exposition, plus the shocking SHOCKING revelation that there’s something suspicious about this Luna. Thanks, Ohji. I never would have guessed it if you didn’t say anything. Although at the same time, it’s kind of sad to see the party jump on the "but isn’t that the real Luna?" boat after expressing some doubts last episode. Oh well, me wanting to throttle the characters on this show is certainly nothing new. At this point, I’m just hoping we get an impressive Dio/Casshern final battle at some point, but given that they’ve all but phased out the action for arthouse nonsense… inertia and misplaced hope are really the only reasons I pay attention to this these days.


Hanging out at Dio’s crib.

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7 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Yue says:

    Mmmm. Why is there a circus? The original live action Casshern was never like this. x_X

  • antimateria says:

    I shat bricks when I was those circus guys while scrolling down on 2chan spoiling myself with screencaps.
    Next episode: BDSM. In that case I’m almost looking forward to it to hear some Tooru Furuya moans. It’ll be very emo and all but I’ve had 21 episodes to get used to it.

  • antimateria says:

    WHEN I WAS. Uhm. When I saw.

  • Cultclassic says:

    “Mmmm. Why is there a circus? The original live action Casshern was never like this. x_X”
    The original was an anime that came out in the 70s involving Friender turning into a Jet and Luna and Casshern fought Boss Brak together….

  • mrbuu82 says:

    I just realized that Luna has the same helmet that Oji gave Ringo a few episodes ago. Strange.

    The circus thing was meant to show how frivolous the robots got once they were “saved” by Luna. The one robot keeps flinging itself off of a platform because Luna can heal it whenever it breaks. It’s supposed to be like Pleasure Island was in Pinocchio.

    Anyway, I am interested to see how the next few episodes play out Casshern’s “death”. I feel like the character has too much left to do to just be ground into red powder before the end of the show.

  • lol says:

    Oh lawd the return of Casshern Jesus!!

    you know it will end with him killing Luna again in one fashion or another. My favorite is that he reverts to basic programming, Braiking Troll pops up and gives him the order to kill Luna once again for shits and giggles. Casshern kills her, returns to normal, moar angst, moar Casshern Jesus, Sophitia pops up for some reason just because it was promised to see her again, she teams up with team Casshern to kill Braiking because they hate trolls. Dio and Leda go off to have buttsecks for great justice. Everyone (else) looks into the sunset, great faggotry ensues, the end, and nothing of value was lost.

  • lol says:

    well either that, or his programming falls to Luna, switch around with appropriate opposites above. It ends with him tending her flowers (cough cough) for eternity using Lyuze, old fag, pedobear bait, and anon-eating dog as fertilizer (and lawn gnome parts?). (bad end)