Chrome Shelled Regios #19 — Romantic Moments

May 16th, 2009


Best had a mile in the air over a mountain of dead bugs.


Well, on one hand, I can’t deny that it was a rather entertaining episode, but on the other, my eyes were rolled so far back in my head for much of it that I could see my sinuses. Savaris stole the show by torturing the crap out of the awful awful doofus and then exploding a bug next to him for good measure, just to laugh like a maniac over it. Good man. That moron deserves it after Leerin managed to all but chase him off by discovering his deus ex machina trauma. Honestly. His weakness is someone tapping on the floor because it reminds him of a bug attack? Why did he even bother to show up in the first place? That ranks somewhere below Captain Hook’s fear of ticking clocks.

Of course, I’m sure for a lot of people, the tender moment between Nina and Layfon at the end will probably be the show stealer, but he still has yet to use her name, so I wouldn’t start ringing those wedding bells yet. I also have to wonder how that moment ended. They were going to fall right back into a swarm of giant evil bugs plus the rotting corpses of the ones Layfon already sliced up. Now that’s romantic. Nina spent most of the episode all hopped up on goat anyway. That’s the worst STD imaginable.

Much of the rest of the episode was decent enough, but I feel like I need Cliff’s Notes to understand anything that was going on. Our interdimensional superstar from WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYY back in episode 3 finally makes another appearance, saves Nina, gets into a scuffle with Savaris, and then takes Nina off into another dimension to show her Legend of Regios. Yes, you watch characters watch their own show. If it recurses itself any harder, I think Fon-fon might end up his own grandfather.


Apparently we don’t care about Leerin anymore.

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26 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Eirias says:

    I do. I do.

  • kos-jin says:

    Leerin who?

  • sora fujino says:

    I will always be a Layfon x Leerin hopeful, seeing that scene made me want to cry T.T, this whole entire epsiode threw me into so many emotions. But I’m glad a couple of things are tied up . . . wait that’s a lie lol, but still it was a good episode

  • Yue says:

    Oh my lord!? Felli~sempai needs to score some points! >_<

  • Silentbrick says:

    Now now, Felli will kill Nina and Leerin at the end, as well as any other contenders. Heck, the others can’t even kill bugs while Felli can destroy shelters that protect you from the bugs.

    But somewhere in the back of my head is the sneaking suspicion that the Queen might decide she needs Layfon for a pet.

  • Silver says:

    Now now, Leerin will own all the contenders. Anyway, joke besides, each of the girls are definitely my favorite since they are all great. That included Meichi but to bad she does not have any power. Or, you can consider her ability as an excellent cook one of them?

  • Horie says:

    This anime has Nina/Layfon written all over it. The end scene killed me. It killed me. Leerin is lovable but I don’t really know how people think she’ll end up with Layfon because she’s the childhood friend. I think it’s still Nina. I know Leerin is only like a sister to Layfon according to the novels.

  • Apathy says:

    Hmm…Why does that final scene look familiar. Oh, yeah:

    Huh? A Nina ending? Screw that…Fon-fon has triggered so much Felli “flags” that this should happen:

    …or something like it.

  • Yue says:

    Now now, if i can remember the Fon~fon scores correctly… ^_^

    Felli +++++++++++
    Leerin +++++
    Nina ++++++++
    Meishen ++++
    Karian +
    Naruki +
    Zuellni +
    Shante –

  • tabs05 says:

    Yue, you forgot Gorneo also has a score.

    Is it me or does anyone feel like its cheap for Nina to be all powered up because she hooked up with the electronic fairy?I mean she’s probably as powerful as the queen now and stronger than Layfon.

    • Yue says:

      Tabs, i didn’t place Gorneo on the list because it’s Arudoc’s jedi mind tricks fueling the yaoi fire between the two during his episode review. ^_^

      Let’s be fair. Gorneo is most likely to be straight and possesses far too little evidence of homosexuality unlike Karian. If he blushed during that awkward distancing, that would be sending all the wrong messages.

  • Irie says:

    One thing that seems interesting is the remark made to Nina that Leerin must be protected at all cost. No coincidence the Layfon is as strong as he is. The queen probably recognizes the same. If something does happen to Leerin or Saya, what will happen to all the electronic fairies? Is Saya the source and power for each of them?

  • XD says:

    it´s good i want this have more than 25 characters xD. it´s realy good.
    some body can tell me the next things?

    but what is that gay of red hair?
    what is nina or what a fok the other girl see she same than the dark woman of the past x.x?

    and what happen to laifon what is his place in the history??? xD


  • sora fujino says:

    this sis an interesting episode. (Oh by the way, Leerin is the only one who has KISSED Layfon! So she is winning lol) I hope that everything comes together soon and that there are more epsiode, there is just too much to talk about this show

  • Irie says:

    I took the last scene between layfon and nina to be a sign of tremendous relief. I just don’t see layfon getting caught up with the romance. He’s all about protecting his friends and goes all emo when things don’t turn out well. He really blamed himself for nina’s disappearance.

    Next episode we have felli getting kidnapped. Guess what, layfon goes emo again and drops everything to save her. It’s going to be interesting when he finally runs into leerin at long last. Wonder how she’s going to react with all those rivals.

  • trap in a box says:

    Argh, damnit. After the episode of Layfon rejecting Felli we get such a scene. D:
    I just hope Felli or at least Leerin win…don’t like Nina that much.
    On another note, has anyone here read the novel? Mind spoilering me?…

  • Anonymous says:

    me encanta Felli

  • Anonymous says:

    Will my sadness go away if I read the manga?

    • sora fujino says:

      idk lol :) either leerin or felli i will be content with! or Meishen but no NINA! >.< lol no offense to any nina x layfon fans.

  • Yue says:


  • The Phantom says:

    Hey!! that was a nice scene at the end ^_^, this series is going damn well I am gladly impressed.

  • Anonymous says:

    I loved the ending!!! ^0^ Nina x Layfon all the way!!!!

  • Shiro, Long Tail's says:

    I now support the LeerinxNina ending. 120 Marks!

  • magnes says:

    does anyone have or know where are
    tabs to the ending song ??

  • Gorim says:

    I can’t see how people like Felli that much.. she is one of the most annoying characters in the serie, well now now ofcourse Meishin, Leerin and Shante top her that much is a given.

    I like Nina she is arrogant, got guts, has her own flaws, but still tries her best (which leads to errors sometimes). At starters she is weak if we compare her to Layfon, but her character shows a great growth in serie. She speaks her mind unlike other girls, she is honest with herself (most of the times).

    Unlike Nina: Felli, Meishin, Leerin are quite useless, gutless cryers. They weep and weep and weep OH GOD do they weep and OH GOD are they useless.

    I hate the fact they are trying to create a useful purpose for a useless character (Leerin). Felli is annoying because she is a boring character who doesn’t fit her role at all, she is calm but agressive, agressive but sensitive. She is a mess, but yet she has no flaws except jelousy she is a perfect human being like Leerin and Meishen.. Annoying.