Chrome Shelled Regios #23 — Gorneo Ending

June 13th, 2009


Because Leerin wasn’t useless enough already.


You know… for the penultimate episode, this kind of stunk.  Lots of exposition once again and plot movement in seemingly random directions. If they had even another three episodes to go, they could still wrap things up well, but with one? Zexcs better have some pretty comprehensive DVD specials planned.

Fon-fon’s showdown with Ninagoat was short and pretty lame, Layfon’s now up to TWO deus ex machina weapons floating around at the moment with Gorneo having the Psyharden one while Queeny is off probably pleasuring herself with his old Heaven’s Blade, and it would appear that the big climatic final battle is going to just be a filth monster. Who knows though. They’ve also still got to explain Grendan’s interest in the goat, pretty much everything relating to the anubis douches, and of course… Saya, and that’s just scratching the surface. Even assuming that they set Saya aside and let the DVD specials deal with her, that still leaves WAAAAAAAAAAAY too much to deal with in a single episode for Savaris to be acting like he’s just dicking around, especially when whatever he’s doing apparently isn’t worth showing in thepreview.

Maybe I’m wrong and he’ll get the goat to possess him and he somehow becomes associated with the filth monster or some such nonsense, but you’d think that would be a good cliffhanger to use instead of just showing him kidnapping Nina, or the ever rare post-ed extraneous sequence of Leerin giving the deus ex machina sword to Gorneo. What they did decide to use in the preview was showing that the bug is going to turn into something giant(er) and evil(er). In fact, Nina and Savaris aren’t even in the preview, and there’s only one shot of Layfon, just looking up into the sky. Even better than what I hoped for… a finale with as few of the core characters as possible. Wonderful.

I did rather like the foul mouthed pistol witch. A shame that the show’s all but over.


The goat’s the closest thing in this preview that had anything to do with the main characters.

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  • Silentbrick says:

    I still think that Layfon will confess to Leerin, but explain to her that the Queen has graciously allowed for him to return as her consort and won’t take no for an answer.

    A despondent Leerin will sacrifice herself to kill off the filth monsters through Saya somehow and Nina will give the goat to Savaris, so he can be happy and the queen will force him to marry the goat while Sharnid and drillhead girl go on a date.

    Felli will decide she’s had enough and kill her brother, taking over the city and ruling it with an iron toed boot.

    Either all of the above, or they will end it on a very annoying cliffhanger since they know they have a second season.

  • Anon999 says:

    I hope that happens. The Felli part, I mean. I’d really like to see that come true.

  • Irie says:

    Did anyone expect this to end any better? What do you get when you try to tell three parallel stories in one season. A bunch of random episodes that always left you feeling empty. I really enjoy this show but it could have been done so much better.

    Since the preview had so little of Layfon, we might be getting a cliffhanger. You know Layfon’s going after Savaris. Expect Gornio to do the right thing and hand off the sword to layfon. At least that follows the novel a bit.

    Anyway, what I think really stinks is all the relationships that are left hanging. Nothing left for leerin, Felli or other harem. One big FM class and end of season. Sucks.

    • Yue says:

      Nice point Irie, but CSR is worth the Dvd shelfspace. This series has a considerable high quality production like Macademi Wasshoi. I just wished season one is 50+ episodes though considering the jumpy pacing.

      • Irie says:

        Really do like this series and will definately purchase. It’s just a shame they couldn’t plan the production better. It could have been 3-4 seasons worth of material if they split the plots up. This first season was a good introduction but too much is left unanswered.

        For those that follow the light novel discussions, the series does seem to go much darker. It would make a 2nd season completely different and much more a true action theme.

        This is a pretty popular series in Japan so I expect more animation down the road. Money talks.

  • Silentbrick says:

    Yeah, it’s the potential that keeps me watching this. It could be so much better, and yet it’s also better than alot of the other stuff out there.

    I have to admit, in the beginning I was favoring Nina, though she quickly got on my nerves and I thought Mei would be nice. She took herself out of the running though and Felli…Felli is great, but I just can’t see her getting brave enough to actually pursue Layfon.

    What’s really surprised me is that I kind of favor Leerin now. Out of all of them, she’s the only that has really taken risks (Traveling, which is dangerous) to come after Layfon and when she finally gets to see him, she bitch slaps him because she feels he needs it instead of just sniffling and trying to strangle hug him. She’s still kind of annoying, but she’s honestly the only one putting forth the effort.

    Anyway, just some ramblings.

    And yes, Felli killing her brother to rule the city would MAKE this series, regardless of what else happens. Leerin can have Layfon.

    Felli for EVIL OVERLORD!!

  • meileen says:

    I thought Leerin asked Gorneo to take her to Layfon so that she can deliver Psyharden to him!??

  • Anonym says:

    Gorneo is so hot.

  • Dark says:

    Where is NIna???

  • sora says:

    . . . (trying to gather her words and thoughts)

  • The Phantom says:

    Wow, layfon and nina showdown was absolutely lame, every single attempt of a battle in this episode was uninspired and lame, savaris kidnapping nina so layfon could ‘heroically’ rescue her wa also cliche and retarded, I just hope that savaris-layfon showdown happens on the next episode and they dont just postpone the battle until the last episode.

    I dont think there is a way to avoid a huge cliffhanger at the end of this season.

  • sora says:

    I here by declare that this show is a disgrace in many ways. How dare these producers make a potenital excellent story in a nonsensical, annoying, too-much-talking and not enough ass-whipping, goat-rapping, lame fighting, non-moving, unemotional and boring show :( and it breaks my heart to say that. I am so confused now about the plot that i would need: a map, Jesus, and a cookie to find my way through it.
    And I still don’t understand why that are combining so many story lines together and trying to fit and make it work in one season? It just doesn’t make sense at all . . . is it illegal to kill someone for committing such a sin as destorying the lives of people b/c they can’t make a decent show?

  • bloodedge says:

    mmm I this saw it miles away: so much potential just wasted. Our Fon-Fon friend will end as an absolute mary-sue, but even worst the show will end with so many details open, unexplained or even explained in a ridiculous way. Thats not fair man! This kind of story don’t deserve this :(
    maybe the caliber of this story was too mucho for the anime writers.
    hope they want to make another season so they can fix all this things.
    For me the only good thing of this episode was the witch gun girl; now thats a badass woman (like it, like it very much :P)

  • leeyiankun says:

    Know what? After this ep. Leerin has proven herself to be WORTHLESS.

    Not only that she didn’t give Layfon the blade when she met him, she waited until there’s a crisis to nag someone to take her there!

    Bi*ch indeed.

    I hope she dies a glorious death though.
    At least she would be useful as a plot point.

  • Dark says:

    When the goat will be taken out of her.
    What will happen to Nina?
    die? or alive,what kind of miracle will happen?

    to whom will Layfon end up?
    nina,leerin or felli???

  • Irie says:

    If they kill off any of the main characters, that would pretty much eliminate any future seasons. Nina, Felli, Leerin play huge roles in all current stories.

    Since we aren’t getting any previews, it’s not a big stretch to guess layfon will be holding one or two swords. That close up of the heaven’s blade just seems too obvious. It will play a role. Savaris deserves a real ass kickin. He’s some sick pup.

    Finally, hopefully the ending will stay somewhat faithful to the novels. How Nina makes out will tell us alot.

  • X says:

    Woah! Hold up! This show is only 24 episodes? What the hell?! Wasnt it supposed to be 26? How the hell can they cover so much crap in one episode?

  • Dkoi says:

    Layfon has two dites waiting for him.. does that mean he can go dual-sword style?

    Hope they’ll make a 2nd season.. thats all I can say.

    • Anon999 says:

      I’d rather they didn’t make a 2nd season and make the rest of the story into the manga.

  • sora says:

    here is my prediction for the next episode . . .
    Layfon is going to and fight Svaris (who is now has the goat-thingy), at first, Lafyon gets his butt kicked but then Leerin comes to the rescuse and gives him the dite and the battle between Layfon and Savaris is epic . . . just epic . . . oh and of course werid random things happen but mentally i think this is the last episode but in my heart i wish this wasn’t so they can clean up the mess that they (producers) have done . . .

  • Diradem says:

    I can´t diggest what i just saw…i just wait for
    Aroduc to explain the final episode to me. Maybe i got
    it wrong, but it seems like… THAT was the end…

  • Wolstein says:

    I don’t feel the story… especially for the Saya part that is… and whats with the ending of the sleping child???!! man big cliffhanger… maybe 2nd season will be out??? something more detailed??? lets hope so… reading the manga works as well… but i rather watch the anime… Felli for EVIL OVERLORD!!!!

  • Deathas says:

    I WANT NEW SEASON.. this one leave to much unexplained and unanswered things witch kills me dmamn! and if there isnt going to be season2 i can honestly say its the worst anime i ever saw..