Princess Lover! #01 — Panty Singularities

July 5th, 2009


Don’t stare directly into Charlotte’s crotch, you’ll go blind.

New Season Disclaimer:

I try to watch at least the first episode of every new show in a season. However, do not expect anything I say to be fair or balanced. I value my own entertainment above all else and there are some genres or methods of presentation that I just plain do not like and I’m not going to pretend otherwise. I’ll attempt to at least make a cursory explaination of what did and did not please me about each show, but it’s just a simple fact of life that my tastes are mine alone. Feel free to express your own opinions in the comments, just keep it under control. This is just television after all.

High quality is for chumps and communists.


I’m actually kind of disappointed in how much this bleeds "harem porn game" from every single orifice. It’s probably made worse by the prolific censoring in the initial broadcast. I think I’d rather just see some panties and roll my eyes than be attacked by a white dwarf star obscuring everything within a two foot area of Charlotte’s waist. The music was also often extremely poor and almost never did a good job of complimenting the scene at hand. Sadly, Wakamoto’s playing it straight for this one too, so he’s not even amusing. Hearing Koyasu as Maria’s father was a pleasant surprise though. Outside of the music, the production was very strong all around, although much of it was directly from the promotional material. Let’s hope GoHands doesn’t read ARMS’ playbook and then give up for the next month. It was especially nice to see something approaching an actual sword fight for once instead of men grunting and then exploding. 

We only got a real introduction to Teppei and Charlotte this episode. Teppei’s decent enough I suppose. He’s got the moves and skills to be a badass, but then spazzes out about stupid things like generic crappy porn protagonist #2441. Charlotte’s a coquettish little imp, which is one of my more favored female personality types and spends most of her conversation with Teppei teasing him about her boobs. There’s not too much to be said for Sylvia yet, aside from "she fences, wears really tight pants, and is almost as bouncy as Charlotte." There is some good potential there though, and a chance for a real love triangle out of a porn game adaption for once. Aside from Teppei and Sylvia both being swordsmen, she’s got the in as his fiance too. Although that does make me wonder where exactly Charlotte and the yet-to-be-introduced idol fit into all of this. Probably a forgotten childhood friend or similar nonsense.

It wasn’t bad by any stretch, but after the excellent promos, I feel a bit let down. They somehow managed to take a motorcyle riding swordsman and make him into a bit of an angsty weenie and it’s an unpleasant dichotomy. I’m hoping it’s just meant to show the culture shock (and the whole "dead parents" thang), but he’s nowhere as likeable as Yoichi ever was.

Princess Lover! OP


First day at school.

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25 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • MADAO says:

    Care to explain more about Teppei’s weenie part? Imma go watch it soon, & that detail was rlly a let down to me cuz I expected him to be a badass charac. That aside, WTF did they do with the design? Gimme back mah game’s design, Goddamnshit. Remind me so much of fugly Shugo Chara’s design.

    • Aroduc says:

      Basically, he’s completely flustered by just about every event in this episode that doesn’t involve hitting something. It’s not -that- bad, but still rather annoying.

      • MADAO says:

        Urg, yeah, you’re right. Think I can put up with it for now, at least he’s still better than the usual useless harem male lead. And when we have Arawn being a badass main lead, the bastard doesn’t show any interest in girls. Damn

  • XgenAdam says:

    wow, from the op it looks almost as if the girls from type moon have been copied and pasted into this, though that may be intentional.

  • Ravage says:

    >>Sadly, Wakamoto’s playing it straight for this one too, so he’s not even amusing.

    Whaa…? You could have Wakamoto read out a eulogy or a random obituary and I’d still be amused. ;)

  • Irie says:

    Looks like a fun, simple romantic comedy. As we’ve seen last winter, these eroge harems can get pretty bad. For now, I’m all for a simple show that that actually has a male protagonist.

  • Tensho says:

    This is, except for the arts, are way better than the game at first glance. First of all, they don’t make Charlotte’s face as way too mature as in the game. Secondly, I like this Teppei and the old man better since he fights and has spirit and the old man is more funny. The one in the game is just a little more than a face and the old man is just like a bulldover who never listen to Teppei. Lastly, they state Silvia his fiancee right away. In the game, the old man just force the dates between the two.

  • jpmeyer says:

    But will it have pregnant women lactating while getting fucked by the protagonist? That’s the entire point of the game. Or something.

  • Chimasternmay says:

    Sylvia better win. but dam that Charlotte is just screaming im the main girl…

    • ayanatsume says:

      though i haven’t watched this anime and just basing it from aroduc’s review and screenshots, i’m already liking sylvia…she looks like saber from fate anime…and she’s not too girly…i like that in a female anime character…so i’m with you…hope teppei will choose her… :)

    • MADAO says:

      Couldn’t agree more, screw anime’s Charlotte, remind me too much of a certain pain-in-the-arse-pink-haired vampire who only knows how to flash her GDO damn crotch in every single eps or keep whining “Tsukune this, Tsukune that”. So yeah, all hail Sylvia !!!( keep praying for a Shuffle or Ichigo 100% (manga) ending)

  • DK says:

    Hmm… I did a bit of research on this one, seems as though it came from a hentai game and… and…

    *stares at the game CGs*

    Wow… I think I’ll just get the HCG set rather than watch the anime.

  • Neclord X says:

    Well, may be thursday AT-X wil provide us with the uncensored version, since they broadcast this series too.

  • The Phantom says:

    Well I was going to discard this by just watching the title but I am sucker for love triangles, and this one has one mixed in (it looks like harem to me 0.0), I am adding it to the watchable list and I will be keeping an eye on it.

    I am actualy happy when something that looked like garbage ends up beign pretty decent ^o^.

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  • Silver says:

    Hmm.. so far I thought this season was pretty good!

    I loved Umi Monogatari. Umineko no Naku koro ni seems interesting. Needless was awesome and now Princess Lover which is great so far too! Oh yeah Canaan was fun too! Now lets see how the rest of the remaining series is going to be.

  • Lero says:

    -Shugo Chara art design(?)
    -Norio Wakamoto.
    -Oppai Saber….. for the lulz

  • Anonymous says:


  • MADAO says:

    Yatta !!! Finally watched it subbed…Phew, glad that Teppei was not as bad as Aroduc said he was. Awsome just for 1st ep, hope the hype not goes down like Chrome Shelled. & PLEASE, producers, I beg you, PLEASE leave Teppei & Sylvia alone, DON’T let that annoying Moka…er stupid pink haired girl break them apart, PLEASE.

    • Yue says:

      Worse. He won’t get anyone, leaving the show open~ended which forces you to buy the game or wait for the OVA/2nd season.

      But yeah, i agree with you for now regarding Slyvia but a plot twist might change things. This is just the first episode though.

  • Hibiki says:

    I’d take the maid please. I’m 99.99% sure she’s just there for eyecatch

  • derp says:

    jeeze, i dont understand why the convert eroge to animu.

    the eroge will probably always be legions more interesting to play anyway. iGUESS i’d be interested in seeing something like saya no uta get animated though… nitro plus does some pretty cool stories

    fate stay night animu was pretty good but the eroge was fffffffffffucking amazing. then again i just love nasu so :|.

  • angelica says:

    Charlotte and Arima Teppei are so cute together!