Ladies vs Butlers! #01 — Butts Indeed

December 29th, 2009


Not a good start to this season.

First Episode Disclaimer:

I like to check out the first episodes of nearly all shows, even if I think I won’t like them or they’re not in a genre I typically watch. I’m perfectly open to being surprised. Feel free to share your own opinions, as mine are hardly absolute.


Well, this was a singularly unpleasant experience. It somehow managed to be even worse than I had feared, and considering how low my expectations were, that’s an accomplishment all to itself. First off, I’m not sure if it’s just because of the early airing (part of a special on ATX), but the episode was two minutes shorter than most, which always irritates me. Then moving from that, the music was awful, the production mediocre at best, leaning aggressively towards poor, and the censoring just made things even worse. Seriously, I have no idea what this shot even is. That probably actually improved matters though, so I’m not complaining that much. Every other poorly animated and drawn shot with any detail featured fierce nipples violently trying to break through their oppressive clothes, which is a sentence I hope to never have to write ever again.

Even all of that could be forgiven if the show was funny or the characters didn’t suck, but hell, let’s hit the triple crown here. The first joke doesn’t come until nearly four minutes into the show. You are forced to sit there, listening to the characters explain the premise and setting for four damned minutes. And like I said, they’re terrible too. The drill girl (Flameheart, what a creative name) is exactly as you expect, and every other girl either faints at Hino’s approach or he ‘accidentally’ gropes them until they pass out. Saikyou’s the only vaguely interesting one, and that’s just because she’s a sadist. She’s the starring C-list celebrity in the cast of rejects from 1960s Godzilla bystanders.

In short, I found pretty much no reason to continue with this one. It manages to not even be as horrifically fascinating as Kanokon, which just leaves a boring, plodding, poorly censored T&A fest full of people I’d probably strangle if I was trapped in an elevator with them.

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21 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Chen says:

    Holy Jesus what is up with that freakish mass of hair? It looks like it could curl around a man’s neck and snap it like a twig.

  • dood says:

    If a show reminds me of Kanokon that ain’t a good sign…

    • Haesslich says:

      I’m glad I wasn’t the only one who immediately thought of Kanokon the moment I saw the whole ‘accidental grope’ thing.

      Hinano: No idea. I try to avoid those shows.

  • Rei says:

    God that giant two lumps of cornet hair. BUSU. I hate drillz so much it’s not funny

    • TorontoSyrup says:

      You can dislike her hair all you want but don’t dis the drills. Simon would make you grit those teeth and you wouldn’t want that.

  • Hinano says:

    LOL what can you expect out of the people who made Kanokon!?

    Additionally, are their protruding nipples worse than the ones in Enban Oujo Warukure?

  • sora says:

    hmmm… it must be really cold where they live at^^

  • Yue says:

    Imagine what that hair looks like when untied. ^^

    …could sink the iceberg that sunk the Titanic…

  • Anise Punter says:

    Wow, that was terrible and disappointing. I just turned it off after we reached the scene where screencaps 50 and 51 were taken from. What a mess.

  • MumMum says:

    When was there ‘accidental grop[ing]’ in Kanokon? Chizuru would have to PUSH Kouta into her boobs to get any kind of groping for the MOST part. Anyway, I agree w/ everything else.

  • Mi says:

    They should have named it ‘Ladies vs Buttlers’ instead.
    Another fanservice show that isn’t even fun to watch, geez~

  • Vegetarian4Life says:

    I agree that it’s not looking too good just from the screen caps. I barely made it through 1 episode of Kanokon. I’ll probably skip this.

    BTW, how do you manage to take so many screencaps?? Do you pause the anime to take a shot or is there a program the automatically does it??

  • Anonymous says:

    Am I the only one who liked it? then again I didnt like things like deathnote, railgun (loved index though), or K-ON soooo go figure.

  • Anonymous says:

    Definitely nothing new here or even as fun and exciting as kanokon but this is just ep 1 people..give it a chance!

  • rufe says:

    Maybe because I’m sleep deprived, but I couldn’t stop laughing while I watched this. Not sure if that’s a good thing or not, but I’ll try the second episode too…

  • Lauren says:

    Do these girls not know about bras?

    • Rob says:

      Well, they usually wear bras, but that doesn’t stop the huge nipples poking through….

      Maybe it was just because the standard I expected was so low, but I actually liked bits of it, and will probably keep going with the series. For the first ten minutes I was ecstatic – finally a main character in one of these shows with a bit of attitude, rather being simply a complete bitch or a complete pervert. It went down-hill from there, admittedly; there’s only so many falling over + accidental groping you can take.

  • Rawr says:

    Awako Kwasumi as a sadistic rich girl, and nakahara mai as a blonde drill-head. A protagonist who almost has balls (aside from wanting to be a bride). I don’t know, man. I give it a thumbs up just for the entertainment value. My expectations were low coming into this, and somehow, I was entertained anyways. It beats out duradura for me in terms of entertainment, and I don’t even like T&A.