A Certain Scientific Railgun #14 — Doldrums

January 7th, 2010


Oh boy, Saten filler.


The main thing that irritated me about this episode is that it showed up today. What the hell? It’s not marked on any of the broadcast schedules I’ve seen as the primary broadcast switching to Thursdays. Oh well, let’s run with it for now.

So, yeah… oh boy. A filler episode about a character I despise, some throwaway punks, and moral preaching. I wonder how much I’m going to enjoy this. If you said "not at all," you were dead on. Yes, yes. Try hard. Be awesome. Otome wa DO MY BEST, deshou. I think this episode was just an excuse to have an extended Komoe cameo, which admittedly, did make it a little less creepy than the last episode, but substituting throw-away drama for comedy removed any improvements that decision may have made.



Why hello there, tall dark, and actiony.

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10 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • BTW, what happened is that network CBC ran a “double-feature” with both episodes 13 & 14, so they’re now the first-airing network (Thursdays at 1:29am/Wednesday at “25:29”).

  • Rei says:

    Saten is love :P

  • Anonym says:

    Is that Kuwabara Kazuma in the previews? LOL.

  • Yue says:

    I would like to petition a class card grading system like this… http://blog.seiha.org/images2/railgun14/railgun14_87.jpg

    This episode’s been made to give very minor characters more screentime. What would have been more effective as a Saten episode would be having her plotting more ways to lift up skirts then getting some wanton punishment for laughs. Hell, just an idea.

  • Lero says:

    HAhahahahhha! when I saw this scene I started to laugh a lot.

  • Vegetarian4Life says:

    I like Saten and I hope to see her level up one of these days!! Maybe not level 4 or 5 but 1 or 2 would be nice.

    She’s a babe and she’d make a fine runner if she actually ran every day.