Hidden God #01 — The Land of Honkies

January 7th, 2010


Everything’s so white.

First Episode Disclaimer:

I watch the first episodes of almost every new show. The 15 second premise blurb means very little in my book, but there are still genres and archetypes that I simply cannot stand. Feel free to share your own opinions.

Ha. Got to class 20 minutes early and got to watch it. Then sort caps etc during the 25 minute intro where I was told that I’d have to start blogging for credit. Faaaaantastic.


Well, the first minute or two of this episode (and the OP) were a hell of a lot better than what followed, and frankly, I prefer that to Bund’s approach. As is the case with all too many male protagonists, Hiro sucks, and with most of the episode revolving around him, that’s the anchor dragging everything else down. He’s even got a jealous sister in a wheelchair built right into his family and a glomping childhood friend. They feel ripped right out of the Big Book of Bad Cliches. Of course, knowing that one of them (probably both) is some kind of soul sucking monster did make things a little better, but on the other hand, those male school uniforms make them all look like effeminate sailors escaped from a Village People kickline.

Outside of the sort of gimped up Peach Pit character designs, the show looks decent enough. The music did a good job of setting the tone too, although it wasn’t really particularly notable outside of consistently matching the scenes and providing a little more menace in certain places to keep the pastoral stuff from being too mind numbing. The supernatural segments were excellently done at least, in tone, music, and animation. It kind of reminds me of how I thought of Bund in a lot of ways (although I feel sola may be a better comparison in overall setup and themes). Most of the show was not very interesting at all, but at least the boring parts felt like they were actually a part of the show instead of just tacked on to be ‘witty’ or fill time.

The major issue for me is that Thursdays are looking packed. Hidamari, Railgun, Kiddy Girl, and this now… and I could see myself following almost any of them. Railgun and Kiddy Girl’s stock has been falling heavily lately, but I’m not really convinced yet that this is going to be good enough to take over for either one. I’ll give it at least another week to see how it’s going to develop, but honestly, I’m not making any promises about any of the Thursday shows until I have a chance to mull things over and take a look at the next episodes.

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22 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Atashi says:

    Don’t you just feel Ryukishi speaking to you through the mysteries and possibly murderous girls? XD

  • Anonymous says:

    Easy enough choice. Drop Railgun. Problem solved.

  • karry says:

    Hidden what ? What’s this i dont even…*2 minutes later*…oh, Ookami Kakushi, WTF, just use the conventional naming.

  • kyon says:

    no drop railgun for me is interesting

  • kyon says:

    drop kiddy girl , that show really sucks

  • Bah says:

    Drop Railgun bro.

  • Anonymous says:

    Its a choice between a murder story from someone who is known to make good ones or 10 more episodes of girls eating shaved ice and getting jealous over indirect kisses with each other.

  • Gil says:

    Kiddy Girl is starting to get interesting.

    Railgun-Not so much.

  • Cosmos says:

    Please keep doing Kiddy Girl-and. I think that railgun isn’t as interesting as Kiddy girl, so drop railgun.

  • Yue says:

    Big Book of Bad Cliches… where can I buy one? ^^

  • Azure says:

    Hiro certainly does suck, although I think that may be the point since it’s supposed to be strange that so many people in his new town are so damned interested in him. Personally, what bugged me about this was how they turned Mana into some kind of CGI creature during the scenes where she’s just rolling along the street. That kind of thing screams of wasted budget.

    Also, I say drop Kiddy Girl.

  • sage says:

    Drop all your current shows, stick with this one :awesome.jpg:

  • Nanaya says:

    Ok, in his situation… It’s not even funny how paranoid I would get if an entire class started acting like that, I would immediately start taking pre-emptive measures for when the other shoe drops.

    That scene where Ogasawara was approaching while he was in a headlock and the guy said (really tense all of a sudden) “shut up and come with me” more or less much cinched that something’s wrong, instead of poor writing. [I mean by that point, what happens after makes it kind of obvious.]

  • Blueblazer says:

    I didn’t like AT ALL this episode, the chaarcters were soo sooo cliche and the plot seems like predictable.
    The OP was horrible, not the song, but the animation and scenes.

  • Yue says:

    You know, [holding back my laughter] i just noticed, the school uniforms look pretty for the girls here.

    But for the guys, that’s shoulder~aching girly. That’s just waaaay too confusing to tell as a male’s uniform or not.

    Move the camera close enough [half~body close~up] to any male characters in this show and you’d swear you could’ve sworn they wear skirts.


  • Dude says:

    Higurashi + Night Wizard + 11eyes? Nice

  • Blueblazer says:

    Higurashi + Night Wizard + 11eyes?

    please if this show was that, we would have seen something COMPLETELY different, it just feels like a rip-off from those 3! Not a perfect combination

  • Jack Damn says:

    Finally got around to this. Thought it was excellent.

  • Anonymous says:

    Isuzu’s not Hiro’s “glomping childhood friend”. o.o They only just met now.