KIDDY GiRL-AND #13 — Melty Explosives

January 7th, 2010


Try saying that five times fast.


Pure filler episode about girls going missing from a vacation planet whose security system has gone berserk. It had a few moments, such as MECHA IN BIKINIS, but it paled in comparison to earlier filler comedy episodes. This just seemed like a transparent excuse to show a lot of skin… as if all their various uniforms weren’t already fanservice friendly enough. At least the little mecha battle towards the end was pretty well done, even if the end of it was pretty moronic. You have the power to stop time and cut space… and the only thing you use it on in an ARMY of robots is the one half-broken one? Come on, girls. Resort to the big guns immediately. Stop messing around with pipes and just slice the world in half.

I also question the intelligence of using explosives that can be set off via enviornmental/body heat. Or ones that are actually made of chocolate. I just assumed she called them that because they looked like chocolates… not because they were actually explosive chocolates.


Hello there, handsome.

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2 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • sage says:

    not because they were actually explosive chocolates.

    Well, what do you know, KG-A just solved the first twilight from Turn of the Golden Witch (and it was small bombs after all).

  • shadow says:

    and fans of cute girls.